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R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD (class of '74)is an internationally recognized expert in social marketing and health communication. He has held faculty appointments at UVA, Brown, Johns Hopkins, and more recently at George Washington and University of South Florida. Dr. Lefebvre acknowledges several Roanoke College professors in his most recent book "Social marketing and social change: Strategies and tools for improving health, well-being, and the environment". After almost 20 years in Washington, DC, he now calls Sarasota, FL home.

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Matt Tripp '11, is currently working at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute conducting fMRI research in the Human Neuroimaging Laboratory. He will be applying to law schools in the fall.

Amy Roberts '11, is a working on her PhD in the Educational Psychology at the University of Virginia. In addition, she is an Institute of Education Sciences predoctoral fellow in the Virginia Education Science Training Program.


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Mitch Beavers '09, just completed his Masters in Counseling and is now working towards a doctorate focusing on masculine psychology and identity issues.