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Allyson Brothers '03 is in her 4th year of the Applied Developmental Science (ADS) PhD program at Colorado State University researching attitudes about aging and the behavioral changes that can be implemented to make the aging process more positive. She plans to graduate from the program in the next year. She has also been a part of an international research collaboration and recently attended a conference in Heidelberg, Germany. If you have any questions about grad school at all, Ally would love to chat with you!

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Lauren Kennedy '14 - Since graduating from Roanoke College magna cum laude with a major of Psychology, minor in Creative Writing, and concentration in Neuroscience, Lauren Kennedy is in the midst of completing her first year in the new Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health PhD program at Virginia Tech.

Amy Roberts '11, is a working on her PhD in the Educational Psychology at the University of Virginia. In addition, she is an Institute of Education Sciences predoctoral fellow in the Virginia Education Science Training Program.


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Elizabeth Poston '14 graduated from Roanoke College with a major in Psychology and licensure to teach elementary school. Since graduation, Elizabeth has stayed in the Roanoke area and now works at Fort Lewis Elementary School.