Mission Statement


L. Starling 	Reid Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Charlottesville, VA (April 2008)

It is the mission of the Social Psychology Lab to create an environment that will enhance learning and advance research. The lab is to be a place for learning how to conduct research, while fostering both independence and collaboration. Every member of the lab is expected to become more independent, to take the initiative more often, and to take on more responsibility over time. Collaboration is also a cornerstone of the lab; every individual is expected to help each other on research projects and to share authorship of conference presentations and publications. Regular lab meetings will provide an open forum for sharing research ideas. The ultimate goal of the Social Psychology Lab is to foster an environment where students at various levels of experience and responsibility work both independently and collaboratively to produce multiple high quality research projects. This experience will help students gain research skills and provide them with the experience needed to become top candidates for graduate school and research related careers.


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