Research Experience

Research Experience (PSYC 305, 306) provides the student with an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of how to conduct empirical research under the direction of a faculty member. Typically, the student becomes involved in an on-going research project. Student work is more directed (i.e., less independent) than an Independent Study or Research Practicum. The primary difference between Research Experience and Research Practicum or Independent Study is that Research Experience is only 1/4 credits (P/F), while both Research Practicum and Independent Study are 1 full credit (A/F).

Research Experience is strongly recommended for students who wish to learn more about research in psychology and who may wish to participate in a Research Practicum or Independent Study in the future.

To participate in Research Experience, the student should talk to a faculty member whose research interests are compatible with his or her own. After finding a research mentor, students must complete both the Application for Research in the Department and the Research Experience Application. Once completed, send the Research Experience Application to your mentor. If approved by the Department, the Department Chair will contact the registrar's office and register you for the course.

Roanoke Faculty Create Band

Roanoke Faculty Create Band

Between faculty meetings and finals, Drs. Maina, Buchholz and Grant find time to march to the beat of their own drums after creating a faculty band last fall. None of the aforementioned faculty can be found in the music department, but these three still know how to perform for a crowd.

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