Summer Scholar Program

The Summer Scholar Program at Roanoke College enables qualified students to conduct independent research for eight to twelve weeks during the summer. Students receive tuition, on-campus housing, and a stipend of $2500. Application procedures and deadlines are published every spring and are available from your Psychology advisor. Psychology majors have participated in the Summer Scholar Program almost every year since its beginning in 1994!

Roanoke College Summer Scholar Website

Application Guidelines

Past Summer Scholar Projects:

Because It Makes Me Feel Good: Examining the Role of Oxytocin in the Failure to Address Techno-Interruptions 
Jessica Gladfelter | Dr. Denise Friedman

The Relationship Between Social Value Orientation and Cognition as Measured by an Implicit Association Test
Megan N. Poore | Dr. Mary Camac

In all Fairness: A Psychological Overview of Justice and Fairness
Tony Georgetti | Dr. Mary Camac

Physical and Relational Aggression: Social Information Processing Deficits or Psychopathology?
Megan Hemp | Dr. Jan Lynch