Course Syllabi

101  Introduction to Political Science (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Justin Garrison
Spring 2015  Prof. Roy Kirby

201  State and Local Government (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Bryan Parsons

202   American Political Behavior (POLI)
Spring 2013  Dr. Harry Wilson

205   American Political Institutions (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Justin Garrison

209  Research Methods in Public Affairs (CJUS, IR, POLI)
Fall 2015  Dr. Bryan Parsons

211 Criminal Justice (CJUS, POLI)
Spring 2015  Prof. Morgan Scott
Spring 2015  Prof. Bridget Tainer-Parkins

213  Criminal Law (CJUS, POLI)
Fall 2014  Prof. Ray Leven

214  The Judicial Process (CJUS, POLI)
Fall 2015  Prof. Morgan Scott

215  Criminal Justice Forensics (CJUS)
Spring 2013  Prof. David Clayton

221  Comparative Political Systems: Europe (POLI)
Spring 2014  Dr. Howard Warshawsky

222  Comparative Political Systems: Asia (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Jonathan Snow

224  Comparative Political Systems: Africa (POLI)
Fall 2013  Dr. Joshua Rubongoya

225  Comparative Political Systems: Latin America (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Edward Lynch

227 Law and Society
Spring 2015  Profs. Mike Pace and Tim Isaacs

231  International Politics (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Edward Lynch

232  International Organizations (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Jonathan Snow

233  International Law (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Jonathan Snow

242  Western Political Theory (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Justin Garrison

243  American Political Theory (POLI)
Fall 2013  Dr. Justin Garrison

247  Theory in International Relations (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Ed Lynch

250  Public Policy (POLI)
Fall 2015  Dr. Bryan Parsons

261  Special Topics in Criminal Justice (CJUS)
Spring 2014  Criminal Psychological Forensics: Prof. Jon Perry

261  Special Topics in Political Science (POLI)
Fall 2013  Trials and Appeals: Prof. Morgan Scott

270 Public Administration
Spring 2015  Prof. Roy Kirby

277  Intensive Learning
May 2011  Law and Film:  Dr. Todd Peppers and Prof. Morgan Scott  (CJUS, POLI, INQ)
May 2012  Cold War in Film:  Dr. Howard Warshawsky (POLI, IR, INQ)
May 2013  Romania:  Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef (IR, INQ)

311  American Constitutional Law (POLI)
Spring 2014  Prof. Ray Leven

312 Civil Liberties (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Todd Peppers

325  Comparative Law Enforcement (CJUS)
Spring 2015  Prof. Amanda Tuck

326 Comparative Corrections (CJUS)
Spring 2012  Prof. Diane Brogan

333  Global Political Economy (POLI)
Fall 2014  Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef

351  Environmental Public Policy (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef

352  Human Rights Policy (POLI)
Spring 2014  Dr. Joshua Rubongoya

353  The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy (POLI)
Spring 2014  Dr. Howard Warshawsky

401  Senior Seminar in Public Policy (POLI)
Spring 2015  Dr. Todd Peppers

401  Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (CJUS)
Spring 2015  Dr. Todd Peppers

401 Senior Seminar in International Relations (IR)
Spring 2015  Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef

INQ 110
Fall 2014  Restorative Justice:  From Retribution and Punishment to Restoration and Reintegration:  Prof. Diane Brogan

INQ 120
Spring 2015  Civic Engagement: Dr. C. William Hill, Jr.
Spring 2015  Civility in Politics: Dr. Bryan Parsons

INQ 260
Spring 2014  Politics of Human Security in a Globalized World:  Dr. Andreea Mihalahce-O'Keef
Spring 2014  The Supreme Court:  Prof. Morgan Scott
Fall 2014  Public Opinion Polling: Dr. Harry Wilson
Spring 2013  Globalization:  Dr. Howard Warshawsky
Fall 2013  Public Participation and Representation:  Prof. Roy Kirby
Spring 2015  The Moral Problem of Politics:  Dr. Justin Garrison
Spring 2014  Human Rights in Comparative Politics: Dr. Joshua Rubongoya
Spring 2015  Global Politics and Globalization: Dr. Jonathan Snow

INQ 300
Spring 2012  Problems in US Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era:  Dr. Joshua Rubongoya
Spring 2013  How Hungry are You? Food Politics Today:  Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef
Fall 2013  United States Foreign Policy: Dr. Howard Warshawsky

ENVI 250
Spring 2014  Environment and Society: Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef














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