Criminal Justice Major

A student meets with the Commonwealth Attorney to discuss her career path.

Coordinator: Dr. Todd Peppers

About the Program

Criminal Justice is a multidisciplinary program. Students who wish to pursue a Criminal Justice degree will study the causes, impacts and ways to control crime. Courses focus on civil and criminal law.


The B.A. degree with a major in criminal justice may be awarded to those students who satisfactorily complete 12 units from the following program. Criminal Justice/Political Science 211 should be completed as early as possible.

A. Criminal Justice - 3 required units:
CJUS/POLI 209  Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJUS/POLI 211  Criminal Justice
CJUS 401          Seminar in Criminal Justice

B. Political Science - 2 required units:
POLI 201          State and Local Government
POLI 301          Public Administration

POLI 250          Public Policy

C. Sociology - 3 required units:
SOCI 101         Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 238         Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI 334         Criminology

D. Electives - 4 required units:

Two from Group I: Policy Studies
CJUS/POLI 213  Criminal Law
CJUS/POLI 214  The Judicial Process
CJUS 215          Forensics
CJUS 325          Comparative Law Enforcement
CJUS/SOCI 326  Comparative Corrections

Two from Group II: Related Studies
BUAD 215       Accounting Principles I
CJUS 227        Law and Society
CJUS 231        Juvenile Justice
INQ 250         Chemistry & Crimes
POLI 201        State and Local Government
POLI 270        Public Administration
POLI 312        Civil Liberties
PSYC 322        Adolescent Development
PSYC 381        Abnormal Psychology
SOCI 237        Deviant Behavior
CJUS 261        Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
CJUS 405        Independent Study (1/2)
CJUS 406        Independent Study (1)
CJUS 407        Independent Study (1/2)
CJUS 416        Internship (1-2 units)
CJUS 495, 6, 7 Honors Project (1/2, 1, 1/2 units)

Criminal Justice Major Checklist

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