Political Science Major

The B.A. degree with a major in Political Science may be awarded to those students who satisfactorily complete 12 units of the following program.

Core Requirements: students must complete each of the following: 

POLI 101  Introduction to Political Science
POLI 209  Research Methods in Public Affairs
POLI 231  International Politics
POLI 250  Public Policy
POLI 401  Senior Seminar

American Perspectives and Public Law (at least one from category):

POLI 201  State and Local Government
POLI 202  American Political Behavior
POLI 205  American Political Institutions
POLI 214  The Judicial Process
POLI 311  American Constitutional Law
POLI 312  Civil Liberties

Comparative Politics: (at least one from category):

POLI 221  Comparative Political Systems: Europe
POLI 222  Comparative Political Systems: Asia
POLI 224  Comparative Political Systems: Africa
POLI 225  Comparative Political Systems: Latin America

Political Theory (at least one from category):

POLI 242  Western Political Theory
POLI 243  American Political Theory
POLI 247  Theory in International Relations

Electives (4)

These can be selected from any of other Political Science courses not listed among the core requirements; or one from among INQ 260PS or INQ 177, 277 or 377 with the approval of the department chair; or any Honors 301 course whose topic is appropriate and approved by the department chair.

Political Science Major Checklist

Fed. Judge Internship Prepares Student for Law School

Fed. Judge Internship Prepares Student for Law School

“It is uncommon for undergraduates to even have the opportunity to intern in the chambers of a federal judge,” says Assistant Professor of Public Affairs Dr. Todd Peppers.

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