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Political Science


About the Program

Roanoke's political science program encourages students to examine the ideals of governance, politics and responsible citizenship-both in their own lives and on the world stage. 

Why study Political Science at Roanoke?

Connect. Roanoke has hosted presidents, prime ministers, national commentators, the first female supreme court justice, renowned scholars and recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Students have the chance to connect with global leaders and hear first-hand about issues facing the world. 

Engage. Roanoke's distinctive Washington Semester and the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research offer students the rare opportunity to engage in the political arena as undergraduates.

Lead. Seminar-style classes allow students to take a proactive approach to problem-solving in governance. Roanoke graduates are equipped with both the insight and skill to affect public policy.

Real-world Learning

Roanoke offers students the chance to experience real world politics and meet those who are influencing politics today.

What's next? 

Roanoke's political science students have been accepted to top rank graduate and law schools, often securing fellowships to support their studies.

Graduates currently work as lobbyists, lawyers, judges, professors, political advisors and more.

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Political Science Major Requirements