American Politics Minor

The minor in American Politics provides an understanding of the American political institutions, functions and policies. The program is flexible and includes a choice of electives, which focus on a range of topics - from foreign and environmental policy to political theory and research techniques.

Required Courses (3):

POLI 101           Introduction to Political Science
POLI 250           Public Policy

POLI 311           American Constitutional Law
POLI 312           Civil Liberties

Electives (3):

POLI 201           State and Local Government
POLI 202           American Political Behavior
POLI 205           American Political Institutions
POLI/CJUS 214   The Judicial Process
POLI 270           Public Administration
POLI 351           Environmental Public Policy
POLI 353           The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy


American Politics Minor checklist

Ali fights for human rights

Ali fights for human rights

“Roanoke gave me my voice,” Adiyah Ali ’02 says. “Coming from high school to college, I learned that you can have opinions that are different from those of your professors, and it’s OK. It’s important to have an opinion and be able to defend it. I see it every day. Roanoke gave me that experience.”

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