Patrick Dolan with Alan Rowsome at the
Conservation Advocacy Associate, The
Wilderness Society.

Internships may be pursued by majors and minors in Political Science, by majors in Criminal Justice and International Relations, and by qualified students outside the department as time permits for supervision.

The Career Center also has exploratory non-credit internships available. Please contact that center if you are interested. It also is a good source of materials that may inspire ideas for internships that may be taken for credit.

In a time of increasingly competitive international job markets, a successful internship may provide the distinguishing edge for a student. An internship has helped many students decide what career to pursue. It provides an opportunity as well to test textbook theories against the active world of government, politics, and public affairs. Many students have indicated that their internship was an highlight of their college experience.

Any educational experience, however, is in good portion what students make of it, so be prepared to offer effort, to listen, to learn, and to help.