Department Requirements

Criminal Justice (CJUS 416)
International Relations (IR 416)
Political Science (POLI 416)

The internship is intended to provide students with hands on experience and to explore the intersection between practice and theory. It is also expected that the internship will help expand student's knowledge and skills while preparing them for employment in both the private and public sectors. All internships are taken on a pass-fail basis.

Student Qualifications:

  • A minimum 2.5 GPA overall and in the major and both major coordinator and instructor permission
  • Sophomore or more advanced standing
  • Has successfully completed a minimum of 3 courses each in Criminal Justice or International Relations or Political Science
  • Has submitted a formal proposal (application) of goals and plans one (1) month before preregistration/registration

Requirements of the Internships:

  • Completion of a minimum of 120 hours covering at least 10 weeks
  • Submission of acceptance letter from a site supervisor
  • Acceptance by a qualified faculty member to supervise the internship in collaboration with a site supervisor
  • Submission of a log/journal of activities including meetings
  • Completion and submission of a 10-12 page paper

Internship paper should include:

  • Name and mission of the organization
  • Organizational analysis
  • An assessment of the practical/experiential benefits of the internship
  • Analysis of how the internship experiences relate to or enhance theories and concepts learned in the classroom
  • Parts of  the internship experience that you did not appreciate or benefit from

Paid internships are permissible

Directory of Past Internships

Internship Application



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