The Senior Thesis is the culminating work of students majoring in Religion, Philosophy, or Theology. It will normally be done in the final year of study. The work can be done in one semester (411) for one full credit, or extended over two (410, 412) for 1/2 credit each semester.

The purpose of the thesis is to utilize the perspective, understanding, research skills, and writing abilities students have developed in their studies to investigate a substantial topic. The goal is for students to produce a paper of high quality and distinction.

Guidelines for Senior Theses



Steve Chovanec (Philosophy)
DeLanda and Spinoza, Or, How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Materialism
Dr. Adkins

Katy Cline (Christian Studies)
A Hermeneutical Exploration into Biblical Equality
Dr. Peterson

Ethan Guebert (Religious Studies)
The Potlatch Ceremony of the Northwest and Its Changes in Legal Status
Dr. Larson-Harris

Edward Hrinya (Philosophy)
The Death of Determinism? (And Why That Would Be Okay)
Dr. Zorn

Ryan Hughes (Christian Studies)
What is Distinctively Lutheran? An Analysis of Piepkorn's Ecumenical Theology
Dr. McDermott

Adam Jump (Philosophy)
Determinism and Free Will:  An Examination of Modern and Contemporary Perspectives
Dr. Adkins

Brian McKee (Philosophy)
Beyond the Individual:  Hegel, Marx, and Private Property
Dr. Adkins

Robert Miller (Religious Studies)
House Churches in the Middle Kingdom:  A Look at Protestants in China
Dr. Larson-Harris

Ben Morgan (Philosophy)
Stoicism, Ethics, and Emotion
Dr. Zorn

Tim Smith (Religious Studies)
Filioque as Key to East-West Division and its Reconciliation
Dr. Hinlicky
Jonathan Thumas (Religious Studies)
Nature in the Shugendo Amalgam:  An Example of Contemporary Japanese Folk Religion
Dr. Larson-Harris
Scott Tringali (Philosophy)
Alan Moore's Transformation in Politics with Ethics: Watchmen
Dr. Adkins

Patrick Whitson (Philosophy)
Heart and Mind:  On the Possibility of an Extra-Material Consciousness
Dr. Zorn

Roanoke College’s “Zeno Contest” Enters Its Thirteenth Year

Roanoke College’s “Zeno Contest” Enters Its Thirteenth Year

The contest is a test of wits and ingenuity that requires students to submit papers which explain a proposed puzzle and provide a solution to it.

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