Roanoke College

Christian Studies Minor


Why minor in Christian Studies?

Answer: To transform your career into a calling, your station in life into a vocation of service to God and neighbor. Many RC students think of their future careers in the world as opportunities to serve in keeping with their Christian faith. A minor in Christian studies equips one with an educated understanding of the Christian faith for more discerning and effective service (see Romans 12: 1-3) in today's world wherever and however one seeks to make a positive difference.

Understanding the way Christianity interacts with the contemporary world can be crucial not only for the ministry, but also for careers as diverse as public policy, foreign service, counseling, media and the law. Learn more at Jobs and Grad School.

Minor requirements

A minor in Christian Studies requires completion of 6 courses:

Any 4 of the following:

At least one of RELG 201, 201, 215, or 216

At least one of PHIL 221, 251, 253, or 255

At least one of RELG 220, 282, 284, or 286;

Any two of RELG 312, 317, 330, or 340.

Courses in other disciplines that focus on Christian thought and history may count towards the major with the approval of the department.