Classics and the Ancient Mediterranean World Requirements

Requirements: 6 units

2 units in either Greek or Latin*:

____ Elementary Ancient Greek (GREK 101, 102)--offered in AY12-13; AY14-15
____ Elementary Latin (LATN 101, 102)--offered in AY13-14; AY15-16

4 additional courses from at least two different disciplines**:

____ ARTH 146 Survey of Art History I
____ ARTH 226 Greek and Roman Art

____ HIST 125 World History I
____ HIST 212 Ancient Greece
____ HIST 290 Special Studies (as appropriate)
____ HIST 310 Issues in Ancient History
____ HIST 310 Alexander the Great
____ HIST 400 Research Seminar in Ancient History

____ PHIL 251 Early Western Philosophy
____ PHIL 260 Selected Topics in Philosophy (as appropriate)
____ PHIL 301 Plato

____ RELG 202 New Testament Christianities
____ RELG 210 Early Christian Conflicts and Community Life
____ RELG 211 Hellenistic Cults, Magic, and Mystery Religions

____ ENGL 220 Special Topics (as appropriate)
____ ENGL 260 World Literature (as appropriate)

* Second year instruction in Greek and Latin are available in alternate years. At most one additional unit of language instruction can be counted toward the concentration.

** Students should contact Dr. Hawke, Dr. Warden, or Dr. Berenson for help in identifying additional appropriate courses available on campus (including special topics and IL courses) or through overseas studies programs.

Dr. Stella Xu awarded Freeman Fellowship and named Rising Star in Korean Studies

Dr. Stella Xu awarded Freeman Fellowship and named Rising Star in Korean Studies

History Department’s Xu will travel to China with four Roanoke College students to do research. This is Roanoke’s first Freeman Fellowship research team and they are one of 14 research teams chosen nationally.

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