Youth Ministry Concentration


Requires seven units passed with an average of 2.00 or above from those listed below:

RELG 225 The Religious Life of Young Adults
RELG 416 Internship
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 211 Adolescent Development

One of:
RELG 102 Christian Faith and Life or
RELG 317 Systematic Theology

One of:
RELG 111 The Hebrew Scriptures or
RELG 112 New Testament

One of:
RELG 240 Religious Interpretation of Film or
RELG 250 New Religions in America or
RELG 220 Christian Ethics

Professor is Consultant to King of Jordan

Professor is Consultant to King of Jordan

Consulting with the king while researching, writing and translating keeps Dagli active in the royal court.

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