The Senior Thesis is the culminating work of students majoring in Religion, Philosophy, or Theology. It will normally be done in the final year of study. The work can be done in one semester (411) for one full credit, or extended over two (410, 412) for 1/2 credit each semester.

The purpose of the thesis is to utilize the perspective, understanding, research skills, and writing abilities students have developed in their studies to investigate a substantial topic. The goal is for students to produce a paper of high quality and distinction.

Guidelines for Senior Theses



Christopher Beckman (Religious Studies)
Christianity and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Was It Successful?
Dr. Wisnefske

Jillianne Disbro (Philosophy)
La Bonté Naturelle:Rousseau's Inherent Goodness and its Proof
Dr. Adkins
Tiara Mehič (Philosophy)
The Logic Behind Just War Theory

Jennifer Stoughton (Christian Studies)
Menno Simmons and the Nurture of Children
Dr. McDermott

Roanoke professor co-leads seminar at Princeton for second time

Roanoke professor co-leads seminar at Princeton for second time

Dr. Gerald McDermott co-led a seminar that examined the relationship between religion and politics in the period of the American Revolution, founding and early republic.

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