Religion & Philosophy Resources

The Perseus Project - A collection of ancient texts, art, and archaeological artifacts.

The Internet Classics Archive - English translations of many Greek and Latin texts.

Greek and Latin Classics Texts - Resources compiled by the Library of Congress.

Diotima - On-line resources for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.

Women's History Sourcebook - Ditto.

The Bible - The Revised Standard Version with Apocrypha.

From Jesus to Christ - Based on a PBS documentary.

The Early Church Fathers - The Ante-Nicene & Nicene/Post-Nicene Fathers series.

Medieval Sourcebook - Excerpts and complete Christian writings from late antiquity.

Ancient History Sourcebook - Israel, Greece, Rome.

Roanoke College’s “Zeno Contest” Enters Its Thirteenth Year

Roanoke College’s “Zeno Contest” Enters Its Thirteenth Year

The contest is a test of wits and ingenuity that requires students to submit papers which explain a proposed puzzle and provide a solution to it.

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