The Sociology Department is located in the fully renovated Trout Hall, a three story historic building on the main quad. The department's new home features state-of-the-art teaching facilities, seminar rooms and an expanded computer lab. The Sociology building also features a small library and student lounge. All classrooms and faculty offices are fully handicapped-accessible.

Sociology Department faculty offices are located throughout the second and third floors of Trout Hall. The student lounge, with a departmental library containing texts and journals, and the computer lab are on the first floor. The lab contains nine workstations with internet & library access, and current software (including Microsoft Word & SPSS), as well as laser quality printing capabilities.

Students Volunteer at Substance Abuse Center

Students Volunteer at Substance Abuse Center

Hoffman dispels stereotypes about drug offenders through service learning. “By being involved with the project, students develop a sense of empathy that they cannot get from a textbook,” she says.

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