Gender & Women's Studies Concentration


Dr. Ken McGraw


About the Program

Gender & Women's Studies is born of the historical effort to retrieve from obscurity the realities of women's lives and to advocate for equality for all genders in the modern world. This interdisciplinary field investigates the cultural categories of masculinity and femininity (and the various mixtures of the two) which have developed in and through complex socio-historical processes, and which face the possibility of future transformation. Gender & Women's studies courses approach the relationship of gender to sex, class, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and language in a critical and self-critical spirit.



Students from any major-male or female-may earn a concentration in Gender & Women's Studies by successfully completing (with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0) at least six units. Of these six units one must be GNDR 150. The other five units must come from at least two different disciplines from the course list below.  In accordance with the general rules for concentrations, the six courses taken for the concentration must include at least three units which are not used to satisfy the student's major requirements. While GNDR 150 is not a prerequisite to the other courses, taking GNDR 150 as early as possible is recommended.  Students should see the concentration coordinator(s) for additional special topics courses, INQ courses, and independent studies that can be counted toward the concentration.  No more than two INQ courses may be applied toward the concentration.

Required Course:

GNDR 150 Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies

Elective Courses: (five from at least two disciplines)

ENGL 220           Special Topics (as appropriate)

ENGL 301           Special Studies in Language and Literature (as appropriate)

ENGL 305           Women Writers

ENGL 308           Author Studies (as appropriate)

ENGL 336           Studies in Restoration and 18th Century Literature (as appropriate)

ENGL 356           Studies in Film (as appropriate)

ENGL 390           Studies in Literary Criticism (as appropriate) 

HIST 215           History of Women

HIST 235           The Witch-hunts of Early Modern Europe

HIST 262           U.S. Women's History

HIST 290           Special Studies (as appropriate)

HIST 310-380     Issues Courses (as appropriate)

HIST 370           Guys and Dolls 

HIST 375           Gender and Biography 

HIST 420-475      Research Seminars (as appropriate) 

HIST 490            Research Seminar (as appropriate)

INQ 177              (as appropriate)          

INQ 260              (as appropriate)          

INQ 270              (as appropriate)          

INQ 271              (as appropriate)          

PHIL 260            Selected Topics (as appropriate)

POLI 261            Selected Topics in Political Science (as appropriate)

RELG 290            Feminist Readings of the Bible

RELG 312            Topics in Biblical Studies and Early Christianity (as appropriate)

SOCI 226            Intimate, Marital, and Family Relationships

SOCI 229            Sociology of Sex and Gender

SOCI 329            Global Perspectives on Families

SOCI 338            Women's Lives Around the World: Global Perspectives

SOCI 360, 361     Selected Topics in Sociology (as appropriate)


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