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Health Care Delivery Requirements


About the Program

The Health Care Delivery concentration is designed to provide multidisciplinary exposure to a variety of perspectives, content, and practices related to the provision of health care services. It is anticipated that upon graduation concentrators will pursue their education in a health professional school (for example, in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, veterinary, public health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, and medical social work) or pursue a career (with the undergraduate degree) in a health-related setting such as a medical clinic, counseling center, voluntary health agency, family planning clinic, nursing home, or health insurance company.


The concentration is obtained by completion of six courses that fulfill the following requirements. No more than three courses may be drawn from any one discipline.

PSYC 221 or 321 or 322 or 323 or 329 Developmental Psychology or Child Development or Adolescent Development or Adult Development and Aging or Topics in Developmental Psychology
SOCI, PHIL 223 Ethics and Medicine
SOCI 323 Health, Illness and Healing

An internship in a health-related setting (typically taken in the student's major field)

Two additional courses from the following list selected in conjunction with the student's major and concentration advisors:

BIOL230: Anatomy and Physiology HHP207: Health Fitness Concepts/Applications
BIOL235: General Microbiology HHP301: Personal and Community Health
BIOL315: Genetics HHP335: Coordinated School Health Programs
BIOL345: Immunology NEUR/PSYC335: Neuropsychology
CHEM270: Environmental Chemistry PSYC332: Drugs and Behavior
CHEM340: Environmental Chemistry PSYC372: Human Sexuality
CHEM341: Biochemistry PSYC383: Counseling and Psychotherapy Approaches
ECON227: Health Economics SOCI241: Introduction to Social Welfare
ENVI101: Intro to Environmental Science  SOCI337: Environmental Sociology 


A health/medicine-related intensive learning course or special topics course (in any discipline) and/or an independent study or honors project (in the student's major field) may be counted toward completion of the two elective courses with approval of the concentration advisor.

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