"Nature and Culture" Journal

An interdisciplinary journal exploring the relationship of human activity with the natural world. Nature and Culture is a forum for the international community of scholars and practitioners to present, discuss, and evaluate critical issues and themes related to the historical and contemporary relationships that societies, civilizations, empires, regions, nation-states have with Nature. The journal contains a serious interpolation of theory, methodology, criticism, and concrete observation forming the basis of this discussion.

The mission of the journal is to move beyond specialized disciplinary enclaves and mind-sets toward broader syntheses that encompass time, space and structures in understanding the Nature-Culture relationship. The journal furthermore provides an outlet for the identification of knowledge gaps in our understanding of the relationship.
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Wescott shares insights for incoming students

Wescott shares insights for incoming students

Imagine skiing in the Alps, getting stranded and having to build a snow cave for protection. Ben Wescott '09 had such an adventure and credits survival television shows and his time at Roanoke for saving him.

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