Have you ever taken a class simply because you had to, even though you had no interest in it?

Say goodbye to ordinary introductory courses in the core curriculum.

Here at Roanoke, you will learn the same fundamental concepts that you would in a standard intro course, but you will learn it firsthand through a topic that interests you. For example, if you are interested in the environment, take "Humans and the Physical Environment" instead of taking Biology 101.


Choose Topics That Interest You

Focusing a course on a real problem or issue brings it to life, encouraging you to delve deeper.

Maybe chemical calculations do not pique your interest. But, perhaps you're devoted to protecting the environment. Take Environmental Chemistry and learn the fundamentals while pursuing your passion.

Or, maybe you are intrigued by numbers but wonder how they relate to politics. Choose The Mathematics of Democracy and analyze the role of math in elections throughout American history.  See other examples.


What are the benefits?

The Intellectual Inquiry core curriculum is taken in addition to courses in your major. It invites you to learn in a way that makes the advantage of your liberal arts education obvious. Instead of taking a checklist of introductory core courses, you will:




Liberal Arts 2.0

New core curriculum looks at real-world problems through the lens of liberal arts... and vice versa.

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"The course 'Are Virtual Realities for Real?' was a natural choice for me, because I've been a sci-fi geek forever."

- Victoria Zelvin '13


"My INQ classes have helped me to make a connection between all of my classes and they have filled in the gaps in my education."

- Ashley Gilroy '13