Roanoke College

Example Courses



First Year Seminars: for example...

  • Forensic Science: The Science Behind CSI
  • A Study of American Film
  • First Contact: Native Americans and Europeans
  • People and the Planet
  • The Search for Good/God in Fantasy Literature
  • You and the Law
  • Visual Culture and Graphic Novels

Perspectives Courses: for example...

  • Digital Media: Manipulating for Good and Bad
  • The Way Things Work: Skydiving and Deep Sea Diving
  • Computing the Mind
  • The Information Age
  • Pilgrimage: El Camino de Santiago
  • Statistical Reasoning for Social Justice
  • How Do Living Organisms Evolve?

Intensive Learning Term (May Term): for example...

  • History of Hawaii - Travel to Hawaii and discover its history.
  • Forensic Chemistry - Use chemistry to examine crime scene evidence.
  • Tropical Marine Biology - Learn marine biology firsthand on a tropical island in the Bahamas.
  • Presidential Campaign - Understand the practical tools of political campaigns. Includes hands-on experience in Washington, D.C.