Roanoke College

INQ for Transfers


Students who enroll at Roanoke College after one or several semesters at another college or university have often completed courses to satisfy general education requirements of that other institution.  While these won't match the requirements of Roanoke's Intellectual Inquiry curriculum precisely, we recognize significant overlap.  Students planning to transfer to Roanoke College in a future semester are encouraged to consult Sherrie Streng in the Admissions Office for advice. 

  • With careful planning, transfer students may offer courses from other institutions equivalent to all general education requirements except INQ 300 and the Intensive Learning (May Term) requirement.
  • The Registrar will evaluate transferred credits and then inform both the student and advisor of equivalencies.  The attached document describes the general guidelines used by the Registrar.
  • Once enrolled at Roanoke College, transfer students will normally complete all remaining general education requirements with INQ courses. 
  • Students who transfer in just a couple of general education courses may be allowed some additional substitutions.  See the attachment for specifics.  Additional substitutions are only allowed when the student brings in two or fewer courses equivalent to 200-level INQ courses.  This is rare.
  • Transfer students are encouraged to monitor progress towards completion of general education requirements using an INQ checksheet.

Transfer Equivalencies to INQ Courses for Students who have attended other colleges before transferring to Roanoke.