INQ Requirements and Courses

Students in the INQ curriculum need 33½ units to graduate.  Within this total, they must complete a major and the Intellectual Inquiry general education program.  Any additional course units needed to reach the 33½ total can be used as electives, or for minors or concentrations if desired.  Full details of the INQ requirements can be found in the College Catalog.  You can find useful checksheets and documents with additional helps on the Registrar's Preregistration page.

To complete the INQ curriculum, a student must complete each of these:

  • INQ 110 Intellectual Inquiry
  • INQ 120 Living an Examined Life
  • Seven 200-level Perspectives Courses (at least one of which will have a Global perspective)
    • INQ 240 Statistical Reasoning
    • INQ 250 Scientific Reasoning I (with lab)
    • Either INQ 241 Mathematical Reasoning or INQ 251 Scientific Reasoning II (no lab)
    • INQ 260 Social Science Reasoning
    • INQ 260 Social Science Reasoning from a 2nd discipline
    • INQ 270 Human Heritage I (from a period prior to 1500)
    • INQ 271 Human Heritage II (from a period after 1500)
  • INQ 300 Contemporary Issues (may not be taken until the 9 requirements above have been satisfied)
  • One Intensive Learning (May Term) course
  • Foreign Language through the 201 level
  • HHP 160 Fitness for Life and one HHP activity course (101-159)

Section-specific Course Descriptions

The list of the specific sections being offered in any semester can be found on the Registrar's Preregistration page.  WebAdvisor will list titles, but not detailed descriptions.




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"The course 'Are Virtual Realities for Real?' was a natural choice for me, because I've been a sci-fi geek forever."

- Victoria Zelvin '13


"My INQ classes have helped me to make a connection between all of my classes and they have filled in the gaps in my education."

- Ashley Gilroy '13