Dr. C. William Hill, Jr.

Professor Emeritus
Department of Public Affairs
Office: West Hall 14
Phone:  540-375-2423
Fax: 540-375-2405

Dr. Hill, Professor Emeritus, directs the Henry H. Fowler Public Policy Program. Recent courses include: European Political Theory (POLI 342), American Political Theory (POLI 343), and Native North Americans (HNRS 301).

He graduated from Shepherd College in 1962 with a BA in Political Science. His M.A. (1964) and Ph.D. (1969) are both from The American University in Government and Public Administration. Prior to joining the Roanoke faculty in 1969, he held positions with the U.S. Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Central Economic Development Organization, Inc. and the U.S. Model Cities Administration. Among his publications are "The Liberal Republicanism of John Taylor of Carolilne, published by Fairleigh Dickinson Press in 2006, "The Political Theory of John Taylor of Caroline" published by Fairleigh Dickinson Press in 1977, two chapters in American Portraits, Donald H. Whisenhunt ed., published by Kendall/Hunt in 1993, and various contributions to the Encyclopedia USA. His research interests are the theory and practice of federalism, ideas of the American founding period, and Native American politics.