“The Courtiers of the Marble Palace.”

Justice Horace Gray, who in 1882 became the first Supreme Court justice to hire a law clerk.

A graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, Lucile Lomen was the first women to clerk on the Supreme Court. She was hired by Justice William O. Douglas.

Justice Hugo Black, daughter Josephine Black, and his law clerks in approximately 1957.

William T. Coleman, Jr. was a Harvard Law School graduate and the first African American to clerk on the Supreme Court. Mr. Coleman clerked for Justice Felix Frankfurter.
Law clerk William Rehnquist poses with Justice Robert H. Jackson and staff.
Law clerks on the “highest court in the land,” the basketball court on the top of the Supreme Court building.
Justice Blackmun, secretary Wanda Martinson, and law clerks taken a break from the rigors of opinion writing with a stroll amongst the cherry blossoms.