Roanoke College

Honor Students Competitive Edge


With an Honors Portfolio, you will set your personal, academic and professional goals. Your Portfolio presents your talents, skills and experiences in a way that sets you apart from the competition when applying for jobs, fellowships, scholarships and graduate schools.

Examples include:

Discover how volunteering at refugee services connects to your biology major and propels you to graduate school in public health.

Create a strategic plan to earn a Fulbright award exploring how popular Mongolian musicians are using hip-hop to address social issues.

Highlight your studio art and community service experiences to position you for an internship with a graffiti art program in New York.

Collect a portfolio of creative non-fiction that will score you a spot in Columbia's top-rated graduate journalism program.

Write compelling personal statements and gather references to create targeted applications for anything from a communications position with a television station to an internship with the FBI.

Articulate how your musical avocation makes you a better person, student, and future physician.