Core Studies in the Honors Program

True education doesn't happen in a vacuum. That's why the Honors Core complements your major with a whole person approach that engages you with real world issues and communities. Every core class in the four-year program is designed to move you beyond the traditional classroom and put you into contact with people whose lives influence our understanding of the matter at hand.


Design, execute, and interpret an opinion poll for a local business in HNRS 240

Discuss community service priorities with executives of non-profit agencies and government leaders in HNRS 120

Explore issues of contact, acculturation and accommodation in a local immigrant community in HNRS 270
Educate campus peers about medical risks in HNRS 251

Make recommendations to local governments concerning prescription drug abuse in HNRS 300

Develop a mobile app to help preschoolers discover music in HNRS 241

Examine the city of Roanoke from an architectural perspective in HNRS 271


"A strong community of dedicated individuals is probably one of the best benefits of Honors for me.  I have developed friendships with friends who honestly care about their education and who want to do well at Roanoke College.  They want to go above and beyond and get involved with the multiple club opportunities on campus.  There is almost an instant connection with these individuals from the moment you get to meet one another."

- Rebecca Siar '15

"I have been surrounded by peers who care about excelling in class and who want to debate complex topics and the required co-curricular activities have broadened my college experience invaluably. I believe that my Roanoke College experience would have been less fulfilling, both academically and personally, had I not joined the Honors Program."

- Travis Andrews '12