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DC Trip

Every year the Honors Program takes a trip to our beautiful nation's capital, Washington, D.C. This trip is an awesome way to experience our national history, grow closer together as a community, and get that much-needed break before exams.
A committee chaired by a member of the Executive Board and consisting of any interested Honors students plans the entire trip from start to finish. They select museums, exhibits, shows, and monuments to visit; plan transportation and lodging; coordinate every aspect of the trip to ensure that learning is balanced with enjoyment and that the experience is enriching and community-building for all who go.
Below are some photos from past trips.
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DC Trip!

Honors DC Trip 2015, March 20-22

Friday, March 20


Option No. 1: Tour of the US Capitol Building and the Supreme Court: the seat of our government and the highest court in the land. Historic sites and major architecture!

Option No. 2: Newseum (The Museum of News and Journalism) One of Washington's newest museums in a city that lives on media coverage. 


Option No. 1: Freedom's Song: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. A historic tale unfolds in a dramatic site - the historic Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln himself saw his last play. 

Option No. 2: The Capitol Steps. One of Washington's most famous comedy performances. American politics submitted to improvisation and satire! Is nothing sacred? Not on this stage! 

Late Evening (Optional)

Washington is a cite of grand monuments relating to our history and identity. Dr. Hakkenberg will lead us on a walking tour of the historic and beautifully illuminated monuments in and around the National Mall. 

Saturday, March 21


Option No. 1: The National Zoo. 

Option No. 2: United States Memorial Holocaust Museum. One of the most popular museums in the capital, it delivers a powerful statement about the value of history and memory. 


Option No. 1: "The Flying Dutchman," Washington National Opera, Kennedy Center. One of the most famous operas by the great German composer Richard Wagner. A tale of travel, a ghost ship and redemption through love. 

Option No. 2: ""Sheer Madness," Kennedy Center. There is nothing else quite like it. A murder mystery, a comedy, and actors improvising based on the crowd and current events. 

Sunday, March 22


Option No. 1: Eastern Market. Washington's original food and arts market, in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. Browse, eat, and pretend you are a Washingtonian. Hang out on "the hill."

Option No. 2: After the Eastern Market attend a service at the National Cathedral.