Roanoke College

Executive Board


The current Honors Executive Board consists of elected positions, appointed positions, and our faculty sponsors, advisors, and Directors, Dr. Michael Hakkenberg and Dr. Chad Morris.


Please note that next to the member's name is their user name should you wish to contact him/her. All e-mail addresses are except for Dr. Hakkenberg and Dr. Morris (



Emma Webb

Vice Presidents:

Angela Montalvo and Stephanie Spector


Mackenzie Sullivan


Elizabeth Capps

Calendar Coordinator

Kadie Duggan

Tickets and Transportation Coordinator:

Hannah Gardner

PEP Blog:

Pete Johnson

Coffee Shop Discussion Leaders:

Alex Ramey and Phillip Barbolla

Community Service:

Morgan Harvey


Emily Sorenson

Members at Large:

Christy Blevins, Taryn Johnson, Daniel Osborne