2000 Intensive Learning Courses

Domestic Travel:

IL 177: Marine Biology
This is a wilderness biology course that focuses on the intertidal zone of the northeast Atlantic coast. Specifically, students will gain a thorough knowledge of the ecology of the nearshore as well as its function in the maintenance of global ecosystem function.

Dr. Lilian Alessa

Travel Abroad:

IL 177: Renaissance Humanism: Texts and Arts of Renaissance Italy
This is a travel course to Italy with stays in Florence and Venice and trips to other Italian cities to study how the Humanist movement affected the arts in the 14th-16th centuries.

Dr. Jane Long

IL 277: African Faces and Voices: History
Students will learn about oral history through first studying the methodology, then applying the methodology by conducting interviews with local African populations, and finally, comparing the benefits and drawbacks of oral to written African histories.

Prerequisites: 2 HIST courses or permission
Cross-listed as HIST 277 for elective credit in the major
Dr. Janice Saunders

IL 277: African Faces and Voices: Political Science
Students will learn about the impact of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) on the political process and on organizations within the government, i.e. political institutions. The objective of the course is to give students a general understanding of political behavior.

Prerequisites: 2 POLI courses or permission
Cross-listed as POLI 277 for elective credit in the major
Dr. Joshua Rubongoya

IL 277: Ideology & Culture--London, Paris, Berlin
Focusing on capitalism, fascism, and communism, this course is an investigation of the concept of ideology and its relation to the economy and politics of the 19th and 20th centuries. During three weeks of travel in London, Paris, and Berlin, students learn to recognize how collective symbols, art, and architecture in the cities reflect dominant world-views as well as their associated critiques.

Prerequisite: Sociology 101
Cross-listed as SOCI 277 for elective credit in the major
Dr. Jacqui Keil

IL 377: The Legacy of the Spanish Civil War in Contemporary Spanish Culture
This travel course takes the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) as a point of departure to examine subsequent events and developments that have shaped contemporary Spanish culture and society. Taught in Spanish, this course explores how art, architecture, literature, popular culture and social structures of pre and post Franco (1975) eras have articulated and dealt with the legacy of one of the most important events of Spain's recent history.

Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or permission
Cross-listed as SPAN 377 for elective credit in the major and minor
Dr. Florinda Ruiz

Campus Courses:

IL 177: E-Commerce---An Interdisciplinary Experience
An overview of electronic commerce. Topics include: network infrastructure for e-commerce; overview of web technology; examples of web-based businesses; economics and business models of web-based businesses; the electronic storefront; security; electronic payment systems; social, legal, ethical and public policy issues; finance and business-plan creation. Students will form teams, develop a web-based business and participate in a mock economy created in class. Students will explore issues related to their disciplines, if applicable.

Dr. Anil Shende

IL 177: Not in My Backyard
Not in my back yard! It's tempting to offer this response when confronted with tough choices such as where to put a new highway, landfill, or factory. We all want to reap the benefits of such projects, but at the same time hope to avoid the less pleasant costs. In this course, we will conduct an in depth study of one technology-related public policy issue, whether American Electric Power should be allowed to build a new 765 kV power line in southwestern Virginia. Basic science, technology, economics, public policy, environmental and health issues will all be considered. As we become experts on this one issue, we'll face the challenges associated with any similar project: to gather and understand the facts, evaluate sources, and eventually come to a conclusion. In this course, students will bring every part of a liberal arts education to bear on a real world issue.

Dr. Gail Steehler

IL 177: Hands-On Science---Developing Science Kits for Elementary Students
In this course we will develop hands-on physical science kits geared towards the Virginia standards of learning. These kits will contain supplies, instruction manuals, and lesson plan booklets in order to provide elementary school teachers with a toolbox of fun and exciting activities which will spark the children's interest and curiosity about science. Field trips to the local area schools will provide the opportunity to test the kits in their intended environment.

Dr. Richard Grant

IL 277: 20th Century American Films and the Novels that Inspired Them: Exploring the American Experience
Students will read a selection of classic American novels, in whole or in part, and will watch films adapted from those novels. The films and novels will be compared as genres as they reinforce each other.

Dr. Bobbye Au


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