2001 Intensive Learning Courses

Domestic Travel:

IL 277: Literature/Folk Culture of the Sea Islands
A travel course to the Georgia/South Carolina Sea Islands where we will study the creole writing and culture that has emerged from an intensely cross-cultural mix of histories and traditions. (1)

Prerequisites: GST 101-102.
Instructor: Cartwright  

Travel Abroad:

IL 277: Religion in the Middle East
Introduction to the history, beliefs and practices of the three Abrahamic faith communities: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. On location in Israel and Egypt. (1)

Prerequisite: none.
Cross-listed as RELG 277J for elective credit in the major
Instructor: McDermott

IL 277: Pilgrimage
This course will examine pilgrimage both academically and experientially. We will walk a major portion of the Camino de Santiago, a medieval pilgrimage route across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. This route today has again become popular with modern day pilgrims. As we walk, we will study the impact of medieval pilgrimage on the development of northern Spain--in art, architecture, politics, economics, and social structure. (1)

Prerequisite: Permission, Span. 102 or equivalent, and good physical condition.
Cross-listed as SPAN 377K for elective credit in the major
Instructor: Talbot

IL 277: Intensive Introduction to the Theology of Martin Luther
A critical reading of major theological texts of Martin Luther on the historical homesite of Luther's reformation in Wittenberg, Germany, where the historical text and context of the thought can be intensively encountered. (1)

Pre-requisite: None.
Cross-listed as RELG 277L for elective credit in the major
Instructor: Hinlicky

IL 277: Ideology and Culture
Focusing on capitalism, communism, and fascism, this course is an in-depth analysis of a key concept in sociology, ideology. The first part of the course focuses on the relationship between ideology, economics, and politics. During travel to London, Paris, and Berlin, the course focuses on expressions of dominant ideology and its associated critiques in art, architecture, and collective symbols. (1)

Prerequisite: Sociology 101.
Cross-Listed as SOCI 277M for elective credit in the major
Instructor: Keil

IL 377: Contemporary Irish Literature from 1916-present
This course will focus on the ways in which the socio-political dynamics of the 1916 uprising in Dublin influenced the literature of the writers who participated in the uprising, those who witnessed the uprising, and contemporary Irish writers who have been influenced by the concerns of 1916. In particular, this course will explore the ways in which contemporary authors have written about and against a variety of dispossessions, whether political, cultural, or economic. We will begin our course in Dublin, exploring the history of the 1916 uprising and its influence on the politics of contemporary writers. From Dublin, we will travel into the Northwest and Southwest to explore the landscapes that birthed the stories, images, and writers of the 1916 generation. Finally, we will travel to the Aran Islands and Galway to explore the ways in which resistance to dispossession continues to influence a series of contemporary writers writing in Gaelic. (1)

Prerequisites: GST 101-102.
Instructor: Almeder

Campus Courses:

IL 177: How Media Works
An examination of how media generate their content. Some attention will be paid to criticism of the media, but students will visit various media sites to see first-hand how media operate. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: Carter

IL 177: Beyond Reason: Insight, Myth, Philosophy
Questions about the ultimate nature of things often push beyond the limits of what can be known or expressed in ordinary terms. This course explores the interaction between reason and differently structured ways of dealing with questions about the world, the self, and the transcendent. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: Zorn

IL 177: American Education "Whodunnit?"
A seminar-based course which takes an in-depth look at historic figures in American education, their lives and times, and at the influences and contributions they made on American education. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: Welford

IL 177: Human Impact of Technology: The Bicycle as a Case Study
The history of the bicycle will be used to illustrate the variety of technical and social impacts which a new technology can have. Texts, videos, and group projects will be used to explore such impacts as the role of the bicycle in the industrial revolution, in the emancipation of women, and in third world transportation, among others. Class members will also participate in recreational cycling outings designed to accommodate riders of all abilities. Participants must provide their own bicycles. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: J. Steehler

IL 177: Headline Biology
Global warming, cloning, AIDS-biology and its applications have a significant impact upon every day life. In this course, we will investigate the stories behind recent headlines that have ties to the biological sciences. This course is primarily designed for non-science majors. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: Pysh

IL 277: Reliving the Past, 1066
Development of real or typical characters, and reenactment of typical and actual events from England and Normandy in A.D. 1066, the year William of Normandy conquered England. Based on intensive study about late Anglo-Saxon England and Normandy in the years leading up to the Conquest, through reading, lectures and demonstrations by specialists on the aspects of the period. (1)

Prerequisite: none.
Cross-listed as HIST 277A for elective credit in the major
Instructor: Millinger

IL 277: Middle School Immersion
This course examines the cognitive, physical and affective characteristics of middle school students through classroom observation, professional readings and discussions with professionals in the field. Attention will be given to various instructional methods and classroom management strategies that have proven effective with this age group. Students will create instructional units as a culmination of their work during the course. (1)

Prerequisite: Educ. 210.
Cross-listed as EDUC 277B for elective credit in the major
Instructor: Murrill

IL 277: Principles and Practices of Weight Management
This course will examine the physiological, psychological, and societal effects of weight loss and weight gain. Current research will be used to investigate today's current trends of weight management, with an emphasis on obesity and eating disorders. Laboratories will provide students with opportunities to improve understanding of nutrition, and in constructing a weight loss program. (1)

Prerequisite: P.ED. 160, Fitness for Life.
Instructor: Acquaviva

IL 277: Folk Tales: A Study of Multicultural Ties
Folk tales from many cultures will be read and studied, examining their similarities and differences. (1)

Prerequisite: none.
Instructor: Simmons

IL 277: Psychology of Consciousness
The intensive study of the psychological epiphenomenon of self-awareness and/or consciousness from multi-disciplinary perspectives including cognitive psychology, neuroscience, computer neural networks and artificial intelligence, philosophic psychology, and Judeo-Christian and Eastern religious traditions. (1)

Prerequisite: PSYC 101.
Cross-listed as PSYC 277F for elective credit in the major
Instructor: Pranzarone

IL 277: Russian Culture in the 21st Century
Immersion in the culture of the New Russia: literature, art, music, media, religion, and other facets of culture, high and low. (1)

Prerequisites: GST 101-102.
On campus: this course includes a one-week field trip to Washington, D.C.
Instructor: Kuchar


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