2002 Intensive Learning Courses

Travel Abroad:

IL 177: Cultural Kinesis: Greece and the Ancient Olympics
This course will explore the leisure and sport of ancient Greece. Travel destinations will include sites of the Crown Games, the most famous being the Ancient Olympic Games. Students will examine the historical significance of the games. In the spirit of the ancient Greek ideal of developing the mind and body in harmony, students will participate in some form of physical activity every day. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: B. Bolt & J. Buriak

IL 277: The Impact of Business Activities on Economic Development: Focus on Southern Mexico
An examination of activities sponsored by business, governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations that are meant to foster and sustain economic development in southern Mexico. Focus on industries associated with culture and tourism.

Prerequisite: ECON 122 or permission of instructor; some knowledge of Spanish is preferred.
Instructors: E. Gilster & C. Cissel

IL 277: Comparative Education: American and German Schools
A comparative study of German education and international American education. Students will be participant observers in international classrooms under the supervision of classroom teachers and an Education faculty member.

Prerequisite: EDUC 210.
Instructor: T. Reynolds

IL 277: Cultural Legacies at the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century
An examination of the contemporary culture of Peru and the historical legacies from which it originated: the Incan and the Hispanic. On location in Peru. (1)

Pre-requisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent.
Cross-listed as SPAN 377 TC for IL credit in the major
Instructor: C. Kalinoski

IL 277: Burns and the Wordsworths in Context
This course is designed as an in-depth study of three Romantic writers: Robert Burns, William Wordsworth, and Dorothy Wordsworth, in the settings that nurtured them. While in the Lake District, London and Scotland, students will be asked what lasting impact, if any have these three and their milieu had? What ideas of Romanticism are still alive today? The course will ask students to apply the questions asked to their own lives to determine the moral and philosophical ramifications of being a product of the late twentieth century. Students will develop at least an initial familiarity with British culture and geography. (1)

Prerequisite: GST 202.
Instructors: P. Hanstedt & M. Heller

IL 277: The Collaborative Art of the Contemporary British Theatre
Examines how actors, directors, and designers collaborate to make drama from any era relevant for a contemporary audience. Prerequisite: GST 102. (1)
Instructor: L. Warren

IL 277: African Faces and Voices: History

Students will learn about oral history through first studying the methodology, then applying the methodology by conducting interviews with local African populations, and finally, comparing the benefits and drawbacks of oral to written African histories.

Prerequisites: 2 HIST courses or permission.
Cross-listed as HIST 277 TG for elective credit in the major
Instructor: J. Saunders

IL 277: Tropical Marine Biology
Biodiversity, ecology, and taxonomy course on a tropical, Caribbean Island - Jamaica, involving identification and classification of animals and plants and their interactions and organizations as species and as parts of communities and ecosystems; chemical and physical factors are also treated. Emphasis on coral reef, seagrass flat, mangrove swamp, and rocky shore habitats. (1)

Prerequisite: BIOL 115 (Diversity of Life), or permission.
Cross-listed as BIOL 277 TI for elective credit in the Biology & Environmental Science majors or concentration
Instructors: R. Jenkins & D. Jorgensen

Campus Courses:

IL 177: Film as Social Icon
Students will view 12 films produced in the United States between 1950 and 1964. They will examine how these films are distinctive products of their times not only technically but also in terms of their narrative content and the socio-political issues they raise. (1)

Prerequisite: GST 102.
Instructor: B. Partin

IL 177: Hands on Chemistry
Students will develop hands-on demonstration kits for elementary school children. These kits will contain supplies; instruction manuals and lesson plan booklets to provide elementary school teachers with a toolbox of fun and exciting activities in science, particularly chemistry. Field trips to local schools will provide the opportunity to test the kits. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: R. Oetgen

IL 177: Hands-On Science---Developing Science Kits for Elementary Students
In this course we will develop hands-on physical science kits geared towards the Virginia standards of learning. These kits will contain supplies, instruction manuals, and lesson plan booklets in order to provide elementary school teachers with a toolbox of fun and exciting activities which will spark the children's interest and curiosity about science. Field trips to the local area schools will provide the opportunity to test the kits in their intended environment. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: R. Grant

IL 177: Learning from our Elders
Centering on discussions with retired faculty, staff, and their spouses, as well as other engaging seniors, this course will seek to gain an understanding of America in the last century by reading and reflecting with those who experienced the defining moments of “America’s Century.” These discussions will focus on common reading on the Great Depression, World War II, race relations, the Viet Nam War, the women’s movement. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: N. Wisnefske

IL 177: Truth and Beauty: Images of the Real
Studies of a range of forms by which images of reality are produced: (a) traditional journalism, video documentary, news photography; (b) literary journalism/creative non-fiction, cinema verite, photojournalism; (c) short fiction, box office cinema, photographic art. Course questions distinctions between “fact” and “truth” and examines ways in which truth is “found,” “constructed,” and “mediated.” (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructor: V. Stewart

IL 177: Poems on Paintings
A study of the relationship between paintings and poems that have been written about them. (1)

Prerequisite: GST 101 & 102.
Instructor: R. Denham

IL 277: The Science of Sports
Calculus, physics and statistics will be applied to a variety of sports in this interdisciplinary course. Mathematical analysis will shed light on some of the fundamentals and strategies of sports. For each of the concepts developed, students will design experiments and use technology to collect and analyze data. (1)

Prerequisite: Math 121 or permission of instructor.
Instructor: R. Minton

IL 277: Art Foundry
This course focuses on the production of cast artwork from aluminum, brass and bronze using traditional lost wax and direct replacement methods. We will visit artists in their studios, commercial foundries using sand casting for cast iron as well as a working art foundry. Open to non-majors as well as majors. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Cross listed as ART 277 CB for elective credit in the major.
Instructor: S. Hardwig

IL 277: Visions of Jesus in Literature, Art and Film
Jesus is one of the enduring icons of Western culture. In this course we will study Jesus’ “incarnations” in literature, the arts, and film as apocalyptic judge, human being, divine, and subversive teacher. We will read a number of ancient literary portraits of Jesus (Mark, Luke, John, Gospel of Thomas), explore some of the wealth of artistic depictions of Jesus (e.g., Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Dali, Orozco), and debate the significance of modern representations of Jesus in film. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructors: J. Maclean & J. Long

IL 277: Forensic Chemistry
Forensic Chemistry uses the nomenclature, reactions, laboratory techniques, procedures and instruments of chemistry to examine drugs, poisons, body fluids, tissues and fire residues to assist our system of criminal justice. (1)

Prerequisite: CHEM 112 or permission of instructor.
Cross listed as CHEM 277 CD for elective credit in the major.
Instructor: B. Huddle

IL 277: The Visual Analysis of Data
Data visualization is a collection of graphical methods that are powerful tools in analyzing the structure of data. These techniques are useful for both the basic analysis of data and for the interpretation of the data by others. (1)
Prerequisite: STAT 101 or permission of instructor.
Instructor: J. Spielman

IL 277: Keeping a Journal
The personal journal can be literature, historical testimony, a way of delving into the psyche, a record of a spiritual journey or way of life, a storehouse of dreams and ideas. In this course, you will write everyday, share some of your writing and the reflections that arise from it with others, and be a part of a supportive audience for others’ writing. You will read examples of and try out many different kinds of journal writing in order to discover your skills and learn to use your journal for your own purposes by solitary practice and by shared reflection upon that practice. (1)

Prerequisite: GST 102.
instructor: K. Hoffman

IL 277: Fantasy in Children’s Literature and Film
This is a total immersion course which focuses on critical approaches to the use of fantasy in children’s and young adult literature and films. Drawing on a number of critical perspectives, students will read, view, and analyze fictional works and films for children and young adults. Oral presentations and active discussion are a required component of this course. (1)

Prerequisite: GST 102.
Instructor: D. Selby

IL 277: The Scopes Trial

An in-depth examination of representations and ramifications of the famous Scopes Trail of 1925. Debates over science and religion will be explored from various perspectives. (1)

Prerequisite: GST 101 & 102
Instructor: G. Dunn

IL 277: Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Body Image: A Historical View
This course will examine the physiological, psychological, and societal effects of weight loss, weight gain, and body image over the past century. Current research will be used to investigate today’s trends of weight management, with an emphasis on obesity, eating disorders, and the obsession with body size. Laboratories and out of class experiences will provide students with opportunities to improve understanding of nutrition and today’s methods of weight control. (1)

Prerequisite: P.ED 160.
Instructor: J. Acquaviva

IL 277: Basic Leadership Practices: Focus on the United Sates Coast Guard
This course explores key leadership practices for accomplishing group and organizational goals. It focuses on the behavioral model of leadership. The second half of the course studies leadership practices in the context of the U.S. Coast Guard. The Atlantic Area – Fifth District of the Coast Guard will be visited with travel to Yorktown, Portsmouth, Norfolk and the North Carolina Coast. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
Instructors: G. Mckee, Section A
C. McCart, Section B
A. Nazemi, Section C

IL 277: French-African Voices
An examination of shared customs, beliefs, and current issues of French-speaking African countries. Students will select one country to examine in-depth. Field trip to Washington D.C. (1)

Prerequisite: None.
This course may also count as elective credit in the African Diaspora concentration.
Instructor: P. Jordahl

IL 377: Psychology of Consciousness
The intensive study of the psychological epi-phenomenon of self-awareness and/or consciousness from multi-disciplinary perspectives including cognitive psychology, neuroscience, computer neural networks and artificial intelligence, philosophic psychology, and Judeo-Christian and Eastern religious traditions. (1)

Prerequisite: PSYC 101.
Cross-listed as PSYC 377 CA for elective credit in the major.
Instructor: G. Pranzarone

IL 377: Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn: The Development of a Masterpiece
This course will explore the complex genesis of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn through research into the personal, literary and historical sources that influenced its conception. (1)

Prerequisite: ENGL 230 & 250 or permission. At least one 300-level course in American literature recommended.
Cross-listed as ENGL 377 CB for elective credit in the English major or American Literature concentration.
Instructor: D. Lape


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