Roanoke College

2009 Intensive Learning Courses


Domestic Travel:

Orlando, Florida: IL 277: "Basic Leadership Practices: Focus on Walt Disney Company"
Prof. Michelle Hagadorn x2501 and Prof. Sharon Gibbs x2429

Travel Abroad:

Central Europe: IL 277: "Religion and Violence in Central Europe"
Dr. Paul Hinlicky x2454
NOTE: This course is offered during spring term 2009 as part of a semester abroad program in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Africa: IL 177: "The Rhetorical Aspects of Tourism"
Dr. Erica Cooper x2059

Argentina and Chile: IL 277: "Capitals, Cities, and Countrysides of Argentina and Chile"
Dr. Ivonne Wallace Fuentes x4953

Bahamas: IL 277: "Tropical Marine Biology"
A study of tropical marine biology in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas, focusing on the habitats, ecology, basic oceanography, and organismal diversity of the Bahamas archipelago.
Cost: TBA
Dr. D. Jorgensen x2465

China: IL 277: "Cultural Values of Chinese Martial Arts"
Dr. Stella Xu x2078

Ireland: IL 277: "Continuity and Change in Contemporary Ireland"
A study of contemporary social issues in Ireland. Travel arcs from Galway on the west coast through Sligo and county Donegal (with day trips into Derry and Belfast in Northern Ireland) to Dublin on the east coast.
Cost: TBA
Dr. Laura O'Toole x5104

Mexico: IL 377/SOCI 377/SPAN 377: "Civilizations of Pre-Columbian Mexico: Indigenous Culture in the Yucatan Peninsula"
Dr. Daniel Sarabia x2220 and Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva x2061

Nantes, France: IL 377/FREN 377: "Nantes as Historic and Cultural Center of the Loire Valley"
Dr. David Scaer x2456

Hawaii: IL 177: "History of Hawaii"
Dr. Mark Miller x2412 and Dr. Whitney Leeson x2541

Please contact the instructor for more information.
Average for international travel: $3300; for an exact amount, contact the instructor.