2010 Courses

Domestic Travel:

Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado: The National Park System: Explore Your America (C. Lassiter)

Travel Abroad:

England and Scotland: Comparative International Education (G. Whitt)

England: The Collaborative Art of the Contemporary British Theatre (L. Warren)

Greece: Cultural Kinesis: Greece and the Ancient Olympics (J. Buriak and J. Creasy)

Italy: Visualizing Italy (J. Long and K. Shortridge)

Uganda: African Faces and Voices: History and Political Science (A. Genova and J. Rubongoya)

Baja, Mexico: Tropical Marine Biology (D. Jorgensen)

Peru: Peru and the Incas: Language and Culture (L. Talbot)

Peru: The Legacy of the Incas in Contemporary Peru (J. Banuelos-Montes)

Japan (pending): Japanese Culture: Classical and Modern (Y. Kumazawa)

Germany (part of spring semester in Wittenberg): Jewish Memories in Germany (R. Willingham)

Campus Base:

INQ 277: Exploring Biodiversity of the Southern Appalachians, Prof. R. Collins: field trips; pre-req: Biol 125 & HHP 160 or permission; fee $550 (tentative).
INQ 277: Sustainable Business: The Next Industrial Revolution, Prof. E. Velazquez: field trips; fee 500 (tentative).
INQ 177: Women, Work, and Life, Profs J. Lyon and D. Greene.
INQ 177: Mutual Fund Investing for Life, Prof. W Kearns: field trips; small fee TBD.
INQ 177: If you Never Take Another Science Class, Prof. G. Steehler: field trips; fee $60.
INQ 177: Science and Technology in Film, Prof. G. Hollis.
INQ 277: Writing Film Reviews: Prof. R. Schultz.
INQ 177: Symbolic Narrative: The National D-Day Memorial, Prof. T. Carter: field trips; pre-req INQ 110 or GST 102; small fee TBD.
INQ 177: Tourism in Appalachia, Prof. E. Cooper: field trips; pre-req COMM 101; fee TBD.
INQ 277: Cinematic Sound, Prof. G. Marsh.
INQ 177: Historical Archaeology, Prof. W. Leeson: field trips; fee $350 (tentative).
INQ 177: Computational Aspects of E-Commerce, Prof. J Ingram.
INQ 177: The Mathematics of Gambling, Prof. D. Taylor: field trip; fee $50.
INQ 277: Thinking and Decision Making, Prof. C. Early.
INQ 277: Consciousness, Prof. G. Pranzarone.
INQ 177: Psychology in Film, Prof. C. Buchholz.
INQ 177: The Trial of Socrates, Prof H. Zorn.
INQ 277: The Scopes Trial, Prof. G. Dunn: field trip; fee $150.
INQ 277: Understanding Poverty thru Service, Profs. Anderson and Griffin: field trips; $40 fee. 


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