Roanoke College

2011 Travel Courses


Domestic Travel:

Southern Appalachian Mountains, USA: INQ 177: Adventure Into Nature

Instructor: Dr. Steve Powers
Prerequisites : None
Estimated Cost: $250.00

An adventure into nature examining the geology, hydrology, plants and animals of the southern Appalachians and their interactions with each other and their human inhabitants. These interactions will be experienced in a classroom setting as well as first hand through day-trips from campus and a week-long journey throughout the southern Appalachians that will include many strenuous hikes, wilderness camping and snorkeling in rivers. This course will provide students with a background in natural history, experience with resources commonly used by amateur and professional field naturalists, experience planning and executing adventures into nature, and experience interpreting those adventures within an academic context providing them with the tools necessary for a lifetime of adventuring into nature.

Trip Highlights: Mt. Rogers, NC; Looking Glass Mtn. & Falls, NC; Joyce Kilmer Forest, NC; Jacks River Falls, GA; Frost Ford of the Clinch River, TN

INQ 277: The Civil War in the West

Instructor: Mark Miller
Cost: $1,200

The Civil War in the West offers students the opportunity to study the complicated and complex origins of the American Civil War as it unfolded within the context of the Western Theatre and the dominant social, political, economic, and military currents between 1861-1865. Students will spend four days on campus studying the background of the war in the west, followed by a nine-day field trip. Upon return students will have an additional week of study on campus. During the field trip we will travel to and study in the very places that witnessed the struggles between North and South along the Mississippi River...places like Fort Pillow, Shiloh, Corinth, Brice's Crossroads, Jackson, Port Hudson, New Orleans, and strategically speaking, the biggest battle of the entire war-Vicksburg. Other stops include Memphis, Tennessee, Oxford, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Student assignments will involve researching an individual Civil War general in the Western Theatre then twice participating in class simulations as their character and in team site projects, where students evaluate the battlefields and other sites they visited during the field trip.

For more information or application, contact Dr. Miller,

Travel Abroad:

CZECH REPUBLIC INQ 177: Cross-Cultural Communications in the Czech Republic

Instructors: Dr. Michael Maina & Dr. Julie Maina
Prerequisites: None; Course is limited to 22 students
Cost: $3,950.00

This travel course includes a 17- day trip to in beautiful Prague, Olomouc, and Stramberk, along with other villages located in the Czech Republic. This course is designed to help participants broaden 21st century world citizenship skills with an emphasis on developing a positive attitude. Students interested in physical and mental challenges utilizing outdoor adventure, creative arts, as well as integration within the Czech culture should seriously consider taking this course. The course will focus on cross-cultural communication and international personal development that will require students to explore and comprehend Czech culture, basic language, history, arts, and problem solving ventures. Participants will have the opportunity to be physically active while learning alongside native teachers and students about the Czech culture and way of life. For more information and to view a previous course video visit:

ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, & FRANCE INQ 277: Comparative Education England

Instructors: Dr. Lisa Earp & Dr. Tim Reynolds
Prerequisite: EDUC 210
Cost: $3,950.00

Dates of Travel: May 14 - June 4, 2011
Nothing grows a teacher like travel, and this course intends to give you experiences that will support teaching in a diverse classroom.

During the week, you will intern with the fine teachers of the Cobham International School or another school nearby while earning competency for your Education Internship EDUC 338. We'll see how a British school educates its students and compare this to American schooling.

On the weekends we'll experience the heights, haggis, and history of this beautiful region of the world. We'll visit two of Europe's major cities; touring museums, enjoying local cuisine, and experiencing the culture and sites of the areas. Before departing for home, we'll spend time in London visiting the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and other places of interest


FRANCE INQ 377/FREN 377: Parisian Images and Icons

Instructors: Professor Arby Frost
Prerequisite: FREN 102 or FREN 150 or Competency equivalent to French 102 and permission of the instructor
Cost: $3,950.00

This course is being offered for the third time - this time with two added features: 1) accommodations will be in home stays throughout, centrally located in Paris (double), and 2) the majority of the classes will be taught by French instructors at the Alliance Française. While improving their language skills, students will see the

City of Light as it relates to writers and artists who lived and worked in Paris. Among the numerous visits will be residences, settings for novels or paintings, and museums devoted to their works. There will be visits to the cafés where Sartre and his friends dreamed up Existentialism; to the bell tower of Notre-Dame where Victor Hugo's Hunchback hung out; to the Comédie Francaise where plays by Molière, Corneille, and Racine are performed; and to the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and Musée d'Art Moderne where art from every period from Poussin to Picasso is on display. A day trip out of Paris to visit Versailles will be included.

Students will quickly learn why Paris is among the most popular cities in the world. During the three weeks of immersion in French language and culture, they will be exposed to an impressive variety of aspects of Parisian life. There will also be ample free time to take in sightseeing, shopping, sports events (the French Open at Roland Garros takes place during May), concerts, movies (the Cannes Film Festival is also in May), and the world-famous French cuisine.

GERMANY INQ 177: The Greener Way of Life in Modern Germany and Berlin

Instructors: Dr. Lissa Velazquez and Dr. Jim Ogier
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $4,075.00

This course explores the "greening" of the modern Germany economy via a trip to Berlin. What kinds of green technologies are applied in and around Berlin to fuel the economy? How does Germany's capital try to achieve its unique combination of 21st century modern culture and sustainability?

The focus will be on visiting production sites of renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, and biogas), inner-city gardening projects, local organic food production, and many other aspects of Berlin's fascinating way of life.

GREECE INQ 277: Journeying in Greece with Paul the Hellenistic Jew

Instructors: Dr. Gerald McDermott
Prerequisite: None; Course is limited to 16 students.
Cost: $4,200.00

The course is an in-depth study of the life and thought of Paul in Greece and the Aegean Islands. By relating the Bible to ancient history, archaeology, geography, and ancient Greek and Jewish literature, students will be able to see the setting of Paul's thinking and career within the Jewish and Hellenistic worlds. We will be staying in Thessalonika, Delphi, Athens and various ships/ferries on the Aegean Sea. We will see some of the most beautiful and important sites in the ancient world: biblical Ephesus (Turkey), Corinth, Philippi, the islands of Mykonos, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete, and Santorini, the famous Meteora monasteries perched atop rock towers, and all the magnificent historical sites of Athens.

INDIA INQ 277: Contemporary India in the Shadow of Gandhi

Instructors: Drs. Mike Heller & Martha Kuchar
Prerequisite: None
Cost: $4,100.00

Experience India in this cross-disciplinary course open to students with a strong desire to help and learn. As a unique feature of the course, we will engage in service projects involving education and ecology. These efforts will anchor our study of Mahatma Gandhi's vision for India's future in the context of India today. We will explore and experience India's wealth and poverty, its great religious diversity, and its rich history. As we help through service projects, we will gain an understanding of the world's largest democracy. Highlights: New Delhi (capital city); Agra (home of Taj Mahal); Ahmedabad (site of Mahatma Gandhi ashram); Shimla (historic city in Himalayas)

View the live blog here.

IRELAND INQ 277: Contemporary Irish Literature, 1916-Present

Instructors: Drs. Melanie Almeder & Virginia Stewart
Prerequisite: INQ 110 or GST 102 and permission of instructors
Cost: $3,850.00

In this course, we will study the political, historical, and mythological roots of contemporary Irish literature as we travel in Ireland. Our readings will include a selection of contemporary short story writers, poets, and playwrights and the folklore and history that inspired them. We will visit key literary sights, hike, and meet a contemporary fiction writer.

The course reading and writing will be rigorous and inspiring. Itinerary includes: Connemara, Derry, Donegal, Dublin, and Galway

PERU INQ 277: Archeology and History of Early Peru  

Instructors: Dr. Ivonne Wallace Fuentes
Cost: $4,200.00

The Pacific coast of South America has been home to humans for thousands of years. As our archeological research progresses in the area, specifically in the lands of present day Peru, we are beginning to discover just how early - and how differently - civilization arose in this area. This travel course will give you a chance to explore the archeology and history of early Peru, with a special focus on the history of the Moche and the history of the last indigenous Peruvian civilization, the Incas. Our Intensive Learning travel class is based on interpretive learning from the site visits, classroom discussion, and reading. We will travel to Peru's capital, Lima; the northern Peruvian coast, and the Andes highlands of Cuzco, Machu Picchu, and Puno.

SCOTLAND INQ 177/ARTH 177: Artistic Legacy and Cultural Identity

Instructors: Drs. James Hargrove & Dana-Linn Whiteside
Prerequisite: Instructor Permission
Cost: $3,800.00

Dates of Travel: May 12 - May 31, 2011
Scotland: misty highlands, craggy coastlines, castles, battles, cities of granite spires... from Viking sagas to Romantic novels, Victorian monuments to modern art...

This course is a multidisciplinary study of Scottish culture as manifested in art, literature, and landscape. Scotland has produced celebrated writers and made major contributions to the history of art and architecture in Britain. While Scotland is part of the UK, it maintains a distinct cultural cohesiveness - aspects of which we shall study during two weeks of travel around the country.

The Itinerary Includes Glasgow, Stirling, Inverness, Orkney Isles, Edinburgh

SPAIN INQ 277/SPAN 277: Cultural Continuity & Transformation in Contemporary Spain

Instructor: Dr. Charlene Kalinoski
Prerequisites: SPAN 102 or 150 or its equivalent; Permission of instructor
Estimated Cost: $3,700.00

Encounter the contemporary culture of Spain, experience some of the country's most significant monuments and art works, and practice your language skills through immersion. From our base in Madrid, we will explore the city and venture beyond it to other locations that include Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca, and Seville. This course is designed to increase cultural literacy and promote the development of spoken Spanish and related language skills. You will live with Spanish families in Madrid, attend classes with local professors and me, and participate in daily cultural excursions. Live life al máximo in a way that is uniquely Spanish

SPAIN INQ 377/SPAN 377: The Spanish Language, Past and Present

Instructor: Dr. Patricio Carrasco
Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or Permission of instructor
Estimated Cost: $3,700.00

In this course, students will study the evolution of the most salient linguistic developments of modern Spanish from its origins in Latin and experience the language through cultural and linguistic immersion. The course is designed to deepen the students' understanding of the evolution of the Spanish language and to expand upon their linguistic and cultural literacy. Students will live with Spanish families in Madrid and will attend classes daily. In addition to Madrid, students will visit Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca and Seville in order to build upon their linguistic abilities and gain a deeper understanding of the context in which the Spanish language evolved.