Roanoke College

2012 Travel Courses


Domestic Travel:

Mississippi: INQ 277/HIST 277: The Civil War in the West

Instructor: Mark Miller
Cost: Approx. $1250
Prerequisite: None

The course examines the Western theatre of the American Civil War. In class, the causes, major events, and outcomes of the fighting in the West will be explored. The centerpiece of the course is a nine day field trip to cities, towns, and battlefields near the Mississippi River. For more information or application, contact Dr. Miller,


Orlando, Florida: IL 277 Basic Leadership Practices: Focus on the Walt Disney Companies

Instructors: Sharon Gibbs and Ali Nazemi
Cost: Approx. $2650
Prerequisite: None

This course explores key leadership practices for accomplishing group and organizational goals. It focuses on the behavioral model of leadership. The second half of the course studies leadership practices during the past and in the current time period within the focus (or case study) organization. Two weeks of classes will be held on the Roanoke College campus and one week will be held in Disney World - three half days will be spent at the Disney Institute learning Leadership - Disney Style. Prerequisites: None. This course may be substituted for BUAD 264 in requirements for the Business major and concentrations. For more information or application, contact Professor Gibbs,, or Dr. Nazemi,


Hilton Head, SC: INQ 277 Teaching Literacy through the Arts

Instructors: M. Stallions
Cost: Approx. $2000
Prerequisite: EDUC 210

This domestic travel course provides students with practical experience in planning and implementing an after-school literacy program for elementary and middle school children. Instructional plans developed by students will be based on Arts For Learning, a curricular model that blends artistic creation with cognitive learning theory and children's literature for the purpose of raising achievement in reading and writing as well as arts, learning and life skills. The three week literacy program will culminate in presentation of an Arts For Learning Showcase for children's families. Students in the course will also have the opportunity to participate and observe in elementary and middle school classrooms under the supervision of mentor teachers to facilitate awareness of the skills, needs and interests of the children who will participate in the after-school program. Optional weekend excursions will be offered for students who desire opportunities to explore culture and art in the local community. For 2012, this course will be taught in Hilton Head, SC. For more information or application, contact Professor Stallions,, or Professor Murrill,



Travel Abroad:


Argentina: INQ 377/SPAN 377 The Legacy of Contemporary Argentinean Female Writers

Instructor: Flores-Silva
Cost: Approx. $4200
Prerequisite: SPAN 202

This course examines the relevance of four contemporary female Argentinean writers and their contribution to the Hispanic literary world. The selected writers through their works not only innovate with literary devices but they inform and create a new role model for women in Latin American Society. Using literary texts and historical documents, the course points out the significance of contemporary Argentinean female writers' fight to find their own voice and place within Latin American society. For information or registration, contact Professor Flores-Silva,


Buenos Aires, Argentina: INQ 277/SPAN 277 Language and Culture in Contemporary Argentina

Instructor: Banuelos-Montes
Cost: Approx. $4200
Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or 150 or equivalent

Buenos Aires, recognized as the "Paris of South America", is well-known for its dynamic atmosphere and cultural diversity. The city presents enticing contrasts; from her vibrant cafes and vivacious parks to elegant avenues and tango centers as well as lively theatres and modern movie theatres. This course is designed to continue the development of the third semester of Spanish through Argentinean culture and language via authentic materials: TV programs, contemporary music, newspapers, poetry, and film. Students will continue to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening through a cultural and linguistic approach. For more information or applications, contact Professor Banuelos-Montes,


Bahamas: INQ 177: Maroon Challenge: Leadership Development and Outdoor Adventure

Instructors: Creasy and Buriak
Cost: Approx. $3950
Prerequisite: Permission

Based on a blend of philosophies from several well-established leadership and outdoor adventure programs, this course is designed to facilitate leadership development and self-discovery through challenge, adventure and personal reflection. We believe this is achieved best in an outdoor setting, a place where nature predominates and the consequences of our actions-whether as leader or follower-are very real and immediate. The inherent adventure found in this experience will oblige students to explore their own personal capabilities: intellectual, emotional and physical. It will also require students to work well together in challenging situations. Finally, by living in these outdoor conditions for an extended period, away from the many distractions of day-to-day life, students will have an opportunity to intentionally examine and foster their own leadership style-a skill we believe can be learned, practiced and eventually transferred to any leadership situation: self, peer, family or business.  To be taught in the Bahamas in May 2012. For information or registration, contact Professor Creasy,, or Professor Buriak,


China: INQ 277: Kungfu and Its Cultural Values

Instructor: Xu
Cost: Approx. $3990
Prerequisite: Permission

This course is designed to introduce the student participants to the riches of Chinese martial arts (kungfu): their origin, history, cultural context, and spiritual values. Instead of viewing martial arts merely as sport or entertainment as most Westerners do, students will be able to study the rich culture that produces and nourishes the martial arts and the people who practice them. Students will also be exposed to the chivalrous spirit of xia or xiake (whose closest English translation is "chivalrous man" or "hero") and his role in maintaining order and justice in a world of outlaws. This is a travel course to China. Travel destinations will include the Shaolin Temple, the cradle of Chinese martial arts, and the Chen Family Village, where Tai Chi was originated. Participants will also visit some Buddhist temples, Taoist shrines, and the Confucius house and tombs, as well as a couple of ancient capitals. No Chinese language skills needed. For information or application, contact Professor Xu,



Paris, France: INQ 277 Promotions in Paris

Instructor: P. Galluch
Cost: Approx. $4200
Prerequisite: BUAD 233 or permission

This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of promotions management in Paris, France. Specifically, this course encourages learning by examining works of art, business atmospheres, traditional media and supporting media. We will stimulate creativity at museums, such as the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay. We will examine sales promotions, including business atmospheres and design, in the shopping district down the Ave de Champs-Elysées.  We will examine promotions on billboards, in the métro, on buses, in premier magazines, etc.  This course may be used as an elective within the Marketing Concentration. For more information or application, contact Professor Galluch,


India: INQ 277 Sacred Centers & Religious Rituals of India

Professors: E. Rothgery and M. Larson-Harris
Cost: Approx. $4000
Prerequisite: Permission

This course will be a team-taught immersion experience with some of India's most ancient and renowned sacred centers and religious rituals, involving intense study and fieldwork experience that cannot be matched in a classroom. Students will explore the relationship between sacred space, time and practices and leading a meaningful life for individual practitioners of Indian religions. Travel destinations will include Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist religious sites in the North Indian cities like Delhi, Varanasi and Bodhgaya, along with exposure to inter-religious diversity in South India in a city like Hyderabad. While in India, students will experience and learn about religious diversity, interfaith relations, and inter-religious reconciliation. Emphasis on histories and direct fieldwork experience will be shaped and informed by strategic readings and focused writings, reflections, and discussions. For information or application, contact Professor Rothgery,, or Professor Larson-Harris,


Palau: INQ 277 IL: Palau: Globalization and Health

Instructor: Morris
Approx. $4000
Prerequisite: Permission

The Republic of Palau is a Pacific island nation with around 20,000 inhabitants. The influence of colonial occupation and globalization over the past century has led to several changes in Palauan dietary behavior, prompting Palauan health officials to declare an epidemic of non-communicable diseases such as obesity and diabetes. In this course, we'll travel to Palau to learn about Pacific Island culture, see firsthand the influence of globalization on Palauan livelihoods, and participate meaningfully in ongoing community research that seeks to improve Palauan nutrition and food security. In addition to interviewing Palauans and speaking with Palauan officials, course activities will include visiting 1100 year-old monoliths, touring the WWII battle site on Peleliu, and exploring the region's tropical ecosystem. For information or application, contact Professor Morris,


Rome, Italy: INQ 277/HIST 277 The American Tourist in Rome: Past and Present

Professors: Chapman and Henold
Cost: Approx. $4000
Prerequisite: Permission

This unique course, taught by an Italian professor and a historian, combines both language instruction and historical study to prepare students for meaningful travel to Rome. Students will spend a week on campus in language study to gain basic communication skills in Italian. They will then spend two weeks in Rome where they will have the opportunity to practice their skills. While in Rome we will read American travelogues and fiction from the 19th and early 20th centuries to explore how Americans have imagined and responded to "the Eternal City" in the past. Students will have the opportunity to experience the same sites visited by earlier American visitors, compare their responses, and write their own travelogues to articulate a twenty-first century perspective on being an American in Rome. For more information or application, contact Professor Chapman,, or Professor Henold,


Yucatán, Mexico: INQ 277 The Post-Classic Maya

Instructor: Ogier
Cost: Approx. $4000
Prerequisite: INQ 110 and Permission

An examination of the past thousand years of Maya history in Yucatán, Mexico, beginning with the collapse of the Classic and progressing through the Colonial and Post-Colonial periods. Students will travel to post-Classic Maya sites in Mexico and experience the lives of modern Maya communities in Mexico. For information or application, contact Professor Ogier,