2013 Travel Courses

Intensive Learning Travel Courses are off campus for most or all of May Term.  Registration requires instructor permission and takes place during during October and November.  See IL Forms & Facts for more on timelines.  Please contact instructors if you have questions about these courses.  Click here for a color copy of the May 2013 Travel brochure.

International Travel Courses for 2013


Title:  INQ 277 Travel Writing
Instructor: Dr. Paul Hanstedt
Prerequisite:  None
Fee:  $4300 (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, guides, transportation in-country, some meals, tourist visa and admission fees)

This course is designed to provide students with the ability to use writing as a tool of understanding in the context of world travel.  More specifically, using a variety of formats-some formal, some not, some very personal, others more objective-students will have the opportunity to trace their encounters with places, peoples, and cultures that are very different than their own and to reflect on their experiences as a means of learning about oneself and one's worldview.  Students taking this course need not necessarily be amazing writers, but should enjoy putting words on the page, experimenting with language, and testing both themselves and others. 


Title:  INQ 177  Arthurian Britain
Instructor: Dr. Dana-Linn Whiteside
Prerequisite:  None
Fee:  $4000  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, in-country transportation, some meals, and admission fees)

In this course we follow the steps of King Arthur throughout southwestern England, Wales, and Cornwall, as we explore the real and unreal places associated with the ancient Arthurian myths and legends. More than that, we will examine the ways in which Arthurian Britain succeeds in blending fact and fantasy to become indistinct from one another, even in the usually academic areas of archaeology, history, cultural anthropology, linguistics, manuscript research, and theology. Underlying all disciplines touched upon by the Arthurian legends, we shall discover, is a strong and reciprocal connection between our current culture's fascination with myth and financial profit.


Title:  INQ 177 The Collaborative Art of Contemporary British Theatre
Instructor: Dr. Lisa Warren
Prerequisite: None
Fee: $4000  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, some meals, transportation in-country, and theatre admission fees)

This is a course for anyone interested in how actors, directors, and designers collaborate to make drama from any era relevant for a contemporary audience. While in London Drury Lane Theatre In Stratford We tour the art museums in London St. Paul This class immerses you in the history and the arts of London


Title:  INQ 277 Comparative Education
Instructor: Dr. Maria Stallions
Prerequisite:  EDUC 210
Fee: $4100  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, transportation in-country, and some meals)

The course will be a comparative study of non-American education and international education. Students will be participant observers in international classrooms under the supervision of classroom teachers and an Education faculty member. International travel will allow the students experiential learning in the culture and schools of the host nation. Destination will change each time the course is taught.


Title:  INQ 277/FREN 277  Paris Premedieval, Paris Postmodern
Instructor: Dr. Patty Han
Prerequisite:  FREN 201
Fee: $4200  (Includes round trip airfare, homestays, transportation, all museum visits and course materials)

How did a little island, a river, and a lot of swampland eventually become a world capital? What were the political and social factors that determined the form and layout of the Paris we see today? We will study five major stages in the growth and physical transformation of the city from pre-Roman times to the current day. Our readings will provide the historical bases for an understanding of the distinctively Parisian cultural attitudes that shaped the city, and numerous walks and visits will enable us to experience first-hand the literal construction of this capital city. We will then use our knowledge of cultural values to make projections about the cityscape. Will Paris ever lift the ban on skyscrapers? Is the city too enamored of its past to embrace its future?


Title:  INQ 277/HIST 277  The Emergence of Germany:  Four Moments
Instructor:Dr. Michael Hakkenberg and Dr. Rob Willingham
Prerequisite:  None
Fee:  $4100  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, guides, in-country transportation and some meals)

This course examines the development of German national identity through studies of four critical turning points: the Lutheran Reformation, World War I's revolutionary end, the terror of the National Socialist regime, and the collapse of the German Democratic Republic and the Berlin Wall.  


Title: INQ 277/SOCI 277 Exploring Ghana through Service
Instructor: Dr. Shannon Anderson and Dr. Richard Grant
Prerequisite: None
Fee: $4000  (Includes roundtrip airfare, accommodations, meals, visa, and on-site transportation)

This course offers the opportunity to explore Ghana, often considered a success story in African development, through the lens of service and travel.  We will spend the time working with established service organizations that deal with poverty and healthcare, in urban and rural parts of the country.  To do this effectively and to gain as much as possible from our experiences, we will learn about Ghana's colonial and postcolonial history and culture, as well as about the country's major social institutions: government, healthcare, education, and religion.  The course will include visits to important national sites as well as local institutions and markets, to supplement our service.  There will also be time to explore Chana's history and natural history firsthand, with day trips to locations away from our service sites.


Title:  INQ 277  Jesus in the Land of Israel
Instructor: Dr. Gerald McDermott
Prerequisite:  None
Fee:  $4700  (Includes airfare, lodging, most meals, and all fees and tips)

This course is an on-the-ground introduction to the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  We will review the history of Jesus research and its sources and methods; study the geography, politics, economy and religions in first-century Palestine; unpack the narrative and cultural background in the Old Testament; and then focus more directly on Jesus' central message and ministry.  Once in Israel, we will concentrate on the connections between Jesus' teachings and ministry and their geographical locations.  Studying them in situ will enable us to see the literary, theological, and topographical meanings of events in the gospels.


Title:  INQ 277/BIOL 277/ENVI 277 Tropical Marine Biology
Instructor: Dr. Darwin Jorgensen
Prerequisite:  An introductory course in Biology or INQ 250BI or permission
Fee:  $3580  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, all meals and in-country travel)

Biodiversity, ecology, and taxonomy course on a tropical, Caribbean island -Jamaica - involving identification and classification of animals and plants and their interactions and organizations as species and as parts of communities and ecosystems; chemical and physical factors are also treated. Emphasis on coral reef, seagrass flat, mangrove swamp, and rocky shore habitats.


Title:  INQ 377/SPAN 377 The Legacy of the Incas in Contemporary Peru
Instructor: Dr. Lynn Talbot
Prerequisite:  SPAN 202
Fee:  $4200  (Includes round trip airfare, family homestays, excursions, language school fees, and most meals)

This course will examine the historical and cultural traditions of the Incas and their relevance in contemporary Peruvian society.  The course will provide a survey of history, society, culture, economy, and politics to familiarize students with a diverse Peruvian society.  The course will be taught in Spanish.


Title: INQ 277/IR 277 Romania: Food Politics and Globalization
Instructor: Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef
Prerequisite: Any INQ 260, IR, POLI or SOCI course
Fee: $3600  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, guides, travel in-country and most meals)

This course uses food to explore the social, economic, political, and cultural struggles of post-communist Romanians, who are trying to balance traditional lifestyles with Western goods, capital, and ideas. You will learn about traditional practices of food production, competition from modern farms and global grocers, environmental pressures, reinterpretation of food by contemporary chefs, and the politics underlying it all. First destination: Bucharest, where we will meet with scholars, policy-makers, and civil society groups.  We will then travel to villages, to observe and participate in daily activities on small farms, with a few stops to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites (e.g., 13th century fortified villages, painted monasteries, and medieval cities like Sibiu and Sighisoara). Upon completion of this course, you will be familiar with the multiple dimensions of food politics and also many non-food aspects of Romanian culture and lifestyle.  For more details, visit http://romania2013.wordpress.com/.

Domestic Travel Courses for 2013


Title: INQ 177/HIST 177 The History of Hawaii
Instructors: Dr. Whitney Leeson and Dr. Mark Miller
Prerequisite:  None
Fee: $4200  (Includes round trip airfare, accommodations, some meals, on-site transportation, entrance and tour fees)

This course surveys the origins and evolution of ancient Hawaiian society and culture through the contact period, the years of the Hawaiian monarchy from the rise of Kamehameha the Great to the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani, and the socio-political transformation of Hawaii as an American territory and state. We will visit three islands of Hawaii (the Big Island), Oahu, and Maui. Students will learn about the cultural and natural history of Hawaii through a series of wide-ranging excursions which will include visits to Pearl Harbor, 'Iolani Palace, Mission Houses Museum, and the Bishop Museum as well as day-trips to the Volcanoes National Park, Honaunau Bay coral gardens, Waimea Canyon, and Waikiki.

South to Charleston

Title:  INQ 277  Sustainable Operations: The Right Road to Profitability
Instructor: Dr. Chris McCart and Prof. Michael Hutkin
Prerequisite:  None
Fee:  $1650 (Includes transportation, accommodations, some meals, entrance and tour fees)

This course will focus on the business processes taken to increase profit as an economic strategy while working within a business model that also affects positive changes on society and the environment.  Students will start by learning the basic concepts of business profit and loss and currently defined best practices for sustainable operations. In groups, they will visit local businesses and investigate for indications of sustainability. This will be followed by a tour of model businesses and sustainability focused facilities in the southeast showcasing their operations and practices. The travel portion will include a trip to Appalachian State University to study wind farms, Spartanburg, SC. to view the BMW assembly plant in action, and conclude with a week in Charleston, SC. studying various applications in that area. The course will conclude with a re-visit of local businesses and student collaboration to present recommended changes to achieve sustainable business operations.  Included will be visits to operating examples of sustainability components such as wind power, solar power, manufacturing, health care, and land fill use. 

Texas/Colorado/New Mexico

Title: INQ 177  The National Park: Explore Your America
Instructor:  Dr. Chris Lassiter
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Fee: $2900  (Includes transportation, lodging, meals, and admission fees)

This domestic travel course explores the National Park Service (NPS) through a discussion of the areas it protects and the history of the NPS itself.  The course will explore units of the NPS in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.  Biological diversity from deserts to alpine ecosystems will be explored along with historical and cultural areas.  The course includes discussion of important events in NPS history (Roosevelt, Muir, and the Civilian Conservation Corps) as well.  Preliminary itinerary: On campus May 13&14, Traveling May 15-30.  Itinerary includes Spanish Missions, Big Bend, Carlsbad Caverns, Great Sand Dunes, and Cliff Dwellings.





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