May 2014 Travel Courses

International Travel Courses for 2014

INQ 177/ARTH 177  A Tale of Two Cities

Instructors:  Dr. James Hargrove and Dr. Ken McGraw
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee:  $4300
On location in Paris and London

London and Paris are two of the most influential cities in the history of world civilizations.  They have been home to major figures from the history of literature and art. Both of these cities are as much products of the imagination as they are real places. To know a city physically, one must stroll through its streets. But real knowledge of such complex things as cities requires more. It requires context, familiarity with place as evoked, constructed, and reflected in the minds of its inhabitants. How have art and literature shaped our ideas about London and Paris? What do poetry and novels, paintings and buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries tell us about English and French cultures--the cultures that produced two cities often regarded as works of art themselves?

INQ/HIST 277 American Tourist in Rome

Instructor: Dr. Mary Henold and Professor Giuliana Chapman
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee:  $4600
On campus for one week and then on location in Rome

This unique course, taught by an Italian professor and a historian, combines both language instruction and historical study to prepare students for meaningful travel to Rome. Students will spend a week on campus in language study to gain basic communication skills in Italian. They will then spend two weeks in Rome where they will have the opportunity to practice their skills. While in Rome we will read American travelogues and fiction from the 19th and early 20th centuries to explore how Americans have imagined and responded to "the Eternal City" in the past. Students will have the opportunity to experience the same sites visited by earlier American visitors, compare their responses, and write their own travelogues to articulate a twenty-first century perspective on being an American in Rome.


INQ 277 Comparative Education--France

Instructor: Dr. Tim Reynolds
Prerequisites: EDUC 210 and Permission
Fee: $4000
On location in France
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

The course will be a comparative study of non-American education and international education. Students will be participant observers in international classrooms under the supervision of classroom teachers and an Education faculty member. International travel will allow the students experiential learning in the culture and schools of the host nation.

INQ 277  Fieldwork in Comparative Phonology

Instructor:  Dr. Jim Ogier
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee:  $3600
On location in Ireland

Even though Ireland is a relatively small country, it has a great variety of dialects. In this course, students will learn phonetic script and the principles of phonology, and apply them to two very different speech areas within Ireland: Galway and Derry.

INQ 277  Contemporary India in the Shadow of Gandhi

Instructor:  Dr. Michael Heller
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee:  $4200
On location in India
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

This course, designed for students of all interests, backgrounds, and majors, is a cross-disciplinary introduction to India. We will learn not only about contemporary issues such as India's technological advances but also about India's traditional wealth and poverty, religious diversity and her amazingly rich history. We will make our survey of India today through the lens of Mahatma Gandhi's life, as the father of modern India and the world's primary thinker on nonviolent social activism and village-based economics. 


INQ 277/RELG 277  Political Religions in Europe: Fascism, Marxism, and Nazism

Instructor:  Dr. Paul Hinlicky
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee: $3900
On location in Slovakia
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

 In this course we will travel to the center of Europe: Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics. Here in the period from the end of WWI to the Fall of Communism human passions were harnessed to antidemocratic, totalitarian and often murderous formations so unusual that recent scholars call them "political religions." By this they indicate how these movements filled the vacuum created by the loss of traditional religious faith with new claims of total meaning with which to organize life comprehensively around secular "gods" like nation, race, or class. We will study the texts of these scholars, along with Dr. Hinlicky's new book, Before Auschwitz, in tandem with travelling to significant sites of these political religions. On site we will hear lectures from local experts. We will note how traditional believers responded to these new political religions. 

INQ 277/HIST 277 Korea's Modern Trajectory

Instructor: Dr. Stella Xu
Prerequisites: Permission
Fee: $4500
On location in Korea
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

Korea has grown in importance to American politics and economy thanks to the rise in prominence of its major electronic brands Samsung and LG, as well as its automobile brands Hyundai and Kia. What happened to Korea during the past five decades? What historical, political, and social events have been behind these drastic transformations in Korea? This class aims to investigate the multifaceted transformation of Korea in the twentieth century, as well as the role of the US in Korea, with focus on four major phases in modern history of Korea: from colonization by Japan from 1910 to 1945, to the tragic Korean War in the 1950s, to a suppressive military dictatorship from the 1950s to the 1980s, and finally miraculous economic success and democracy since the 1990s.

INQ 377/SPAN 377 Language and Culture of Spain

Instructor:  Dr. Charlene Kalinoski
Prerequisites:  SPAN 202 and Permission
Fee: $4400
On location in Spain

Encounter the contemporary culture of Spain, learn about and see some of the country's most significant cultural artifacts, and practice your language skills through immersion. From our base in Madrid, we will explore the city and venture beyond it to other significant locations and regions to gain a fuller understanding of Spain's past and present. This course is designed to increase cultural literacy and promote the development of spoken Spanish through immersion.

INQ 277/HIST 277 Pausanias' Tour of Greece

Instructor:  Dr. Jason Hawke
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee:  $4600
On location in Greece 

Pausanias, a 2nd century AD Greek living under Roman rule, visited sites of past glory and wrote an informative travelogue and cultural history of ancient Greece. Students will travel in his footsteps, a journey that will take them to Athens, Sparta, Corinth, and Delphi, among other sites. Students will experience firsthand the monuments of ancient Greece and modern presentation of them and confront the landscapes that Pausanias describes. In reflecting upon their own reaction and Pausanias' account of the ancient Greek past and its remains, students will interpret their responses to Greece ancient and modern. By immersing ourselves in Pausanias' account, relevant modern scholarship and visiting the landscapes Pausanias once beheld, we will be able to consider the interplay among the physical and imagined pasts, and think about the ways we construct identities through the conversations we choose to have with those pasts and how we conduct them.

INQ 277  Promotions in Paris

Instructor:  Dr. Pamela Galluch
Prerequisites:  BUAD 233 and Permission
Fee:  $4250
On location in Paris
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of promotions management in Paris, France. Specifically, this course encourages learning by examining works of art, business atmospheres, traditional media and supporting media. We will stimulate creativity at museums, such as the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay. We will examine sales promotions, including business atmospheres and design, in the shopping district down the Ave de Champs-Elysées. We will examine promotions on billboards, in the métro, on buses, in premier magazines, etc. This course may be used as an elective within the Marketing Concentration.

INQ 177  Rhetoric of Tourism

Instructor:  Dr. Erica Cooper
Prerequisite:  COMM 101 and Permission
Fee:  $4850
On location in South Africa 

A rhetorical analysis of how certain high-visibility regions are persuasively constructed to appeal to tourists. What makes one region more attractive to tourists than another? How does the advertising and marketing of a place color the way we perceive it? Designed for students of all interests, backgrounds, and majors, this is a communications course that takes a multidisciplinary approach to tourism from the perspectives of business, cultural studies, social history, and ecology. Emphasis is placed on the complex interrelationships that develop among tourists, residents, businesses, and local governments.

INQ 277 Service and Peacework in Belize

Instructor:  Dr. Katie Elmore
Prerequisite:  Permission
Fee:  $4000
On location in Belize
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

How can we build global understanding and peace through international development, education, and service? This question will serve as a framework for our experiences with Peacework in Belize. Students will travel to San Ignacio where they will be immersed into the local community and culture through service-learning experiences. With a primary school as our service base, we will work side-by-side with local teachers, school leaders, and laborers in a developing community. Students will also explore the local Belizean culture, history, and natural beauty through music, food, and day excursions beyond the school site. To be effective in our service, students will study the culture and history of Belize as well as the current governmental and social support systems. These varied experiences offer students much to think about as they consider the differences between their own lives and life in a developing country. The entire trip will be contextualized with readings, shared writings, and many conversations.

INQ 277 Stockholm on the Water

Instructor: Dr. James Peterson
Prerequisites: Permission
Fee: $3600
On location in Stockholm 
Eligible for Fowler Scholarships

Stockholm, Sweden has pioneered an influential and complex model of social ethics. It is the birthplace of social security from birth to death to implement lagom- to each an equal share, but it is also the home of a popular royal family in their palaces, Ingvar Kamprad (the founder of IKEA who is often listed as the world's wealthiest businessman), and the ultimate personal distinction of the Nobel Prizes. To make our study of the city's social choices manageable, we will focus on the multifaceted interaction of Stockholm life with water. Stockholm is built on 14 islands where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea, such that it is one third parks, one third city, and one third water. We will start each day at a site where Stockholm and water meet and then free students to complete a project investigating that point of interaction. What are the social choices and underlying ethic that shape how the people of Stockholm live with one another and ever present water.


Domestic Travel Courses for 2014

INQ 177  Adventure into Nature

Instructor:  Dr. Steve Powers
Prerequisites:  Permission
Fee:  $310

This course is an adventure into nature examining the geology, plants, and animals of the southern Appalachians and their interactions with each other and their human inhabitants.  These interactions will be experienced in a classroom setting as well as first hand through a week-long trip into the southern Appalachians that will include many strenuous hikes, wilderness camping and snorkeling in rivers.  This course will provide students with a background in natural history, experience with resources commonly used by amateur and professional naturalists, experience planning and executing adventures into nature, and experience interpreting those adventures within an academic context providing students with the tools necessary for a lifetime of adventuring into nature.



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