IL Forms & Facts for Faculty for Faculty

Faculty should find the attached links helpful when designing or teaching an IL course.  Because timelines and needs vary significantly with the type of course, most materials here are subdivided into TRAVEL vs FIELD TRIP vs CAMPUS courses.  Information on Internships and Independent Studies for IL credit are in the student section of the IL website.

Course Proposal Forms are found on the Curriculum Committee page.

COLTimeline for May Term

October Faculty discuss plans for May courses with department chair
November 1              
(18 months in advance)
May Term COL is submitted to Dean's Office by Dept Chair as part of regular COL process
January 20              
(16 months in advance)
Proposals for new or significantly revised courses due to CC. Click for Forms.


Student Registration Timeline for Travel Courses

October 1          
(7 months in advance)
Students start depositing for travel courses
Paper forms with faculty signatures used to register
November 15 Deadline for student deposits
Early December Determination if courses have made minimum enrollment
February 1 Deadline for enrolled students to make final fee payment
March 1 Final date through which faculty may accept additional students to travel courses


Student Registration Timeline for Campus & Field Trip Courses

About November 1           On line registration for campus and field trip courses begins via WebAdvisor
1st day of class Last day to add a campus or field trip course
1st day of class Last day to pay fees for campus and field trip courses


Faculty who believe they need an earlier deadline for fees for Field Trip courses should contact the IL Director as early as possible to discuss this issue.  Instructors may not set their own deadlines or deposit policies.  These are set through the Dean's Office.


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