Budgets for Field Trip Courses

Click here to download budget form for Field Trip Courses

This completed budget form is due to the IL Director by October 1.  If you are proposing a new Field Trip course, please consult the form during this process. You will need to include an approximate budget and course fee (assuming 15 students) with your course proposal.

What to include in your field trip course budget

Academic departments are expected to cover the costs of routine photocopying for May courses. Other costs for expendable supplies, speakers, equipment that cannot be used in courses during regular terms, vans, admission fees, etc. should be covered by course fees.

All expenses for the instructor and a second adult traveling with the class should be covered by the course fee. Estimates of food costs should be included in the budget. Note that per diems are not allowed for these courses.  Faculty will need to keep receipts to document all expenses. 

Normally, group transportation is supplied for all events held off campus.  With the instructor's permission, students may decline this and provide their own transportation.  All students traveling in private vehicles must sign a travel waiver:  College Transportation Declination.

College vans are normally the least expensive mode of transportation.  Note that vans rent for $0.45/mile.  This fee includes gasoline.  Vans hold a maximum of 10, including the driver.  All van drivers--students and faculty--must complete training through Campus Safety.  See the website for more details on van regulations.


Calculate for 6 and 15 students

Course fees will often depend upon the number of students registered for the course.  For this reason, instructors of campus and field trip courses must calculate a course fee for the two extremes, first based upon the minimum enrollment of 6 students, and then based upon a maximum enrollment of 15 students.  A final adjustment of the course fee is done April 1, when a good estimate of enrollment is available. Download a form to use in your budget calculations.  This form calculates the fee for both enrollments based upon data you enter.

Instructors must provide a detailed budget for 6 and 15 students to the IL Director by October 1.


Spending money from your course account

Your students will pay their course fee directly to the Business Office by the first day of May Term. If you believe that an earlier deadline is needed, contact the IL Director.  Instructors may not set their own deadlines or refund policies.  These are set in the Dean's Office, but needs of faculty will be taken into account whenever possible.  Faculty access these funds in the usual ways. Faculty can

  1. Submit a check request. Check request forms must be to the Business Office by 11 am Monday in order to be picked up after 2 pm Friday.
  2. Borrow a college credit card from the Business Office. Keep all receipts and complete the credit card form. The IL Director or Dianne Eary must sign off on your form.
  3. Charge expenses to your own credit card. Keep detail receipts. Complete a check request form. The IL Director or Dianne Eary must sign off on your form.

  Consult the IL Director for the best way to access funds.


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