Forms for Campus & Field Trip Courses


An electronic copy of the course syllabus is due to your departmental secretary by the first day of class.  Your departmental secretary must upload the syllabus to the S: drive and credential system.

Emergency Forms

Every course that takes students outside the Roanoke Valley--whether for a day trip or overnight--must have each student complete an emergency form.  One copy of the form covers the entire term.  Instructors make a copy of the forms.  One set of forms goes on the trip with the instructor.  The other set of forms is left with the IL Director before departure.  You can download the form here.


With so many classes traveling near and far during May, it is a challenge for the college to keep track and provide necessary support.  We ask instructors to help us by providing a simple itinerary for every trip outside the Roanoke Valley. Email the IL Director this information:

  • Course name
  • Instructor
  • Instructor's cell phone number (or cell number of someone going on trip)
  • Expected date/time for departure from campus
  • Expected date/time for return to campus
  • Destination
  • Mode of travel (e.g. campus van, private car, bus, etc.)

College Transportation Declination Form

Group transportation must be offered for all trips.  With instructor permission, students may decline this transportation.  All students traveling by private vehicle--whether driving themselves or riding with another--must sign the Transporation Declination form.  You can download the form here.



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