Timelines for Campus & Field Trip Courses

Setting Course Fees for Campus & Field Trip Courses

Faculty teaching campus and field trip courses set course fees and provide a budget justification to the IL Director prior to the start of the fall preregistration period.

October 1 Course fee, budget justification, and plans for overnight trips due
April 1 Last day to adjust fees
1st day of May Term Deadline for students to pay their course fees


Instructors of Field Trip courses who feel that they need earlier deadlines for payment of student fees should discuss this with the IL Director as soon as possible.  Instructors may not set their own deadlines or refund policies; these are set in the Dean's Office.  Whenever possible, the needs of faculty members will be considered in this process.

Student Registration

Students use WebAdvisor to register themselves for campus and field trip IL courses starting with the November preregistration period and continuing through the first day of May Term or until the course is full. 


Communicating Expectations to Students

The unique nature of May Term often catches students by surprise.  Extra efforts to communicate with students can improve the experience for all concerned.

Although course fees are posted on the website, students often overlook such fees.  The Gen Ed Office will send email notifications of approximate course fees to students registered for IL courses in November and March.  Faculty are encouraged to access their rosters through Inquire and email the students concerning course fees, trips, meeting times, and other requirements.


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