IL Proposals

Proposals for new and substantially revised IL courses are due on January 20 of the year preceding the year in which the course will be taught; thus, proposals for IL 2017 courses are due by January 20, 2016.

Please review the Guidelines for IL Course Proposals

To create or revise an IL course, please take the following steps:

  • Read the document "Guidelines for IL Course Proposals." This document describes the goals of the IL program.
  • Consider a general discussion with the IL Director to get advice and learn what other topics are planned for the year of your offering. 
  • If you are considering a course that is off campus for more than 5 nights, this is a travel course.  See the special guidelines and helps for travel courses.
  • Develop your syllabus
  • Develop your course budget.  See webpages on budgets for campus, field trip, and travel courses for help with this.
  • Complete the IL Course Proposal Form.  You upload the form, your syllabus, and your budget, when you submit your course proposal online.  The IL Director will automatically receive a copy.
  • Anticipate feedback from the Director of Intensive Learning and from Curriculum Committee.
  • If the proposal is for an IL travel course, please speak with the Director of International Education soon after the course proposal has been approved. That office has forms and information required for travel.

Revising an Existing IL Course

Because of the interdisciplinary character of the Intensive Learning program, IL course are perhaps subject to more revision with each new iteration than are ordinary courses. For this reason, in collaboration with the Curriculum Committee IL offers these guidelines to help IL faculty determine when and how to revise courses that have changed since they were first proposed.

Changing the degree of coverage allotted to course topics would not necessitate a course revision. Those kinds of changes are normal.

Guidelines for Revising an IL Course

The key word is "substantial" -- are you making substantial changes or just retooling the existing course? Can you work within the parameters established in the original proposal? If so, a revised proposal may not be necessary.

Question #1 -- Is the course title still valid? If it has to change, you will need to submit a revised proposal.  If only the title changes, you can do this with a simple email to the IL Director, who will forward it on to GEC.  Be sure to explain that nothing else is changing.

Question #2 -- Is this course description still valid (this is the short paragraph that goes into the Courses Offered List for IL)? If it has to change, you must submit a revised proposal.  If only the description changes, you can do this with a simple email to the IL Director, who will forward it on to GEC.  Be sure to explain that nothing else is changing.

Question #3 -- Will the course objectives change? If so, you must submit a revised proposal.  If the changes are editorial, you can do this by sending an email to the IL Director.  If the changes to objectives are substantive, then the course is changing significantly, and a full course proposal is required.

Question #4 -- In a travel course, is the itinerary changing? If nothing else is changing (title, course description, or objectives), then IL will not require a revised proposal but will require that you send the IL Director:

  • A new budget
  • A new syllabus (reflecting the existing course title, description, and objectives)
  • A new itinerary and schedule

Question #5 -- In a travel course, is the destination changing significantly? Changing cities within a country is not normally a problem, that is just an itinerary change.  If the city is so integral to course objectives, then you need a new proposal based on changing the objectives.  Otherwise, you just follow guidance in Question #4 above. Changing countries always requires a new course proposal unless the original course was approved with the stipulation that the country could change with each offering.  Not sure? Check with the IL Director. 

Summary -- A revised course proposal is required if any of the following are changing:

  • Title
  • Course description
  • Objectives
  • Country (for travel courses)

An addendum is required for IL travel courses if the course title, description, and objectives remain intact; the addendum should include a detailed budget, syllabus, itinerary, and schedule.