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Travel Courses


Travel Courses

Any May Term course that spends more than five nights off campus is considered a travel course.  Whether they travel domestically or internationally, all travel courses are subject to special rules and timelines.  All travel courses also receive special support from the Office of International Education.

IL Travel Course Faculty Handbook

IL travel courses have a number of special policies and timelines. See the IL Travel Course Faculty Handbook.

Help Making Travel Plans

Scott Couchman in the International Education Office is a great resource for faculty making international travel plans.  He can do some of the work for you and has a wealth of resources to make your life easier if you prefer to make arrangements yourself.  Click here to link to a page of travel resources.

Registration Procedure for IL Travel Courses

As described in the Faculty Handbook for travel courses, faculty have a significant amount of control over the students enrolled in their travel courses.  Faculty should actively recruit and screen potential students.  The faculty member's signature on a student's registration form is required.  Once this form is signed, the student has the right to register for the course, so faculty should track the number of forms they sign to ensure that they do not exceed the maximum number of students they can take on the trip,

All students must pay a non-refundable $300 initial deposit to the Business Office by November 15. The Business Office will accept a student's deposit only with an enrollment form (the last page of the student's IL travel application packet) that is signed by the course instructor and the student's advisor.

After paying the initial deposit in the Business Office, the student brings the enrollment form to the Registrar's Office to be enrolled in the course. The Registrar's Office will enroll a student only with an enrollment form that is signed by the Business Office indicating that the initial deposit has been paid.

After the Registrar enrolls the student in the IL travel course, the student brings the application packet to the International Education Office on the second floor of the Administration Building.

Rules of the Road

Here are some sample letters that you can send to students and parents regarding your expectations for good student behavior while traveling with IL.

Professor Buriak's Letter
Professor Heller's Letter
Professor Hanstedt's Letter
Professor Chapman's Letter

IL Independent Study Overseas

Students who conduct IL independent study overseas are required to submit a signed waiver of liability to the Director of Intensive Learning prior to beginning the study.

Click here for a copy of the "Roanoke College Waiver of Liability for Independent Study"