Proposing a Travel IL Course

Plan Early for a Travel Course

Course proposal forms are found on the Curriculum Committee page.

You need to start planning for a new travel course at least two years before the course will be taught.  Some factors you should consider include

  • your discipline and course topic
  • how you can exploit the travel and/or location
  • your prior experience with the location
  • you prior experience traveling with students
  • where other travel courses will be going in the same year
  • locations that will interest students
  • locations that support your course best
  • locations that will allow less expensive travel

Please consider discussing preliminary ideas with the IL Director.

Read the IL Travel Faculty Handbook to develop an understanding of items that must be included in the cost of a trip.  Work on a draft of your budget as you begin to lay out travel plans.  See the webpage on Budget Information for Travel IL Courses. 

Regardless of the number of students you plan to take, you must calculate your budget assuming 10 students will travel for a 1 TCU class. If you hope to have 2 TCUs, you should also calculate the costs assuming 20 students.  Both fees should be included as part of the course proposal.  You should consider

  • airfare
  • ground transportation
  • lodging
  • language schools
  • home stays
  • admissions
  • any meals taken as a group
  • visas
  • local guides
  • fees for meeting rooms
  • guest speakers
  • cell phone rentals (international travel only)
  • all expenses for two adults (instructor + program assistant)
  • $50 per student administrative fee
  • $1000 course emergency fee

Your full course proposal with a preliminary itinerary and budget is submitted not later than January 20--16 months before the course will be taught.

Exploratory travel funds may be available to partially cover expenses and allow you to visit your location after the course is approved. The course proposal form includes a place to note that you want exploratory travel funds. 

Click here for the course proposal form.



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