Timeline for Travel Courses


January 20 - New and revised course proposals submitted to CC online (16 months in advance)

January 20 - Deadline to submit requests for exploratory travel funds

May (12 months in advance)

Instructors begin researching travel arrangements

June - July

June 30 - Instructors submit tentative budgets to IE Director

June 30 - Instructors submit course descriptions, fees, and photos for the IL travel course brochure to IE Director

June 30 - Deadline to submit request for course deposit other than the standard $300 with rationale to IL Director

June 30 - Deadline to submit request for program assistant in courses with two instructors to IL Director

June 30 - Deadline for domestic travel course instructors to submit requests for exceptions to requirement for program assistant to IL Director

Instructors begin to prepare brochures and posters for their courses; Study Abroad Coordinator can provide assistance


Instructors submit their poster designs to Study Abroad Coordinator for printing



Brochures distributed at Study Abroad Fair, Family Weekend, and other events by instructors, IL Director, and IE staff


October 1 - IL registration begins for travel courses only; as they sign enrollment forms, instructors remind students to apply for passports as soon as possible

October 15 - Deadline for student applications for Travel Scholarships


November 15 - Deadline to register for travel courses; additional registrations will be accepted until December 1 at the instructor's discretion


First Week of December - Decisions regarding cancellation of under-enrolled courses are made by the Dean, Associate Dean, IL Director, and IE Director; no further registrations accepted for cancelled courses but students may continue to register for all other courses on a space-available basis at the instructor's discretion until March 1

By December 10 - Instructors notify IL Director of identity of program assistant and provide written list of duties to IL Director and program assistant; program assistant provides written acceptance of responsibilities

By December 10 - Instructors review preliminary budgets, make adjustments based on enrollment, and notify IE Director of final course fee; no changes in the fee can be made after this time

Late December  - IE Office sends letters advising students and parents of final payment amounts and deadline


Early January - IE Office checks with Student Affairs, Health Services, and other appropriate offices on campus to determine any issues with individual students

Instructors prepare course information for students, set orientation meetings

Instructors notify students of any required documents in addition to passport (visa, health insurance card)


February 1 - Final payments are due for all courses

February 1 - Instructors notify IL Director if they are taking family members along (see policy in handbook on family members accompanying instructors)


March 1 - Final date students can be accepted by instructors into IL travel courses


April 1 - Final course rosters available

No later than April 1 - Instructors submit to IE Director

  • final itinerary, and
  • photocopies of passport ID page,
  • health insurance card (if any), and
  • Emergency Contact Form for each traveler;

IE will provide the roster to the Business Office for insurance purposes.

No later than April 15 - Instructors send letters to parents with final itinerary and contact information, or they provide that information to the IE Office to be sent to parents

Mid-April - IE provides sends instructor's packets to all instructors with RC emergency contact and insurance information, and other resources.

At least two weeks before departure - Instructors meet with the staff accountant to review guidelines, expenses to date, available balance, and access to the remainder of the course funds


May 1 - Deadline for students to submit pass/fail forms for IL travel courses

Before departure - Instructors submit Waiver of Liability for Independent Travel Waiver forms to IE Director

Electronic copy of syllabus due to IL Director and Dianne Eary


Early June - Instructors turn in Intensive Learning assessment materials to IL Director when they submit grades to Registrar

June 10 - Last day for instructors to meet with the staff accountant to turn in all expense documentation, reconcile budget, and return any unexpended funds