Roanoke's 16,468 alumni are educators, doctors, lawyers, writers, scientists - everything from helping a worthy candidate win a seat in the state legislature to developing powerful computer anti-virus software. Most would attribute their success to Roanoke's classic college experience.


"At Roanoke, I realized that I was doing a lot of the work that at other institutions, grad students are usually doing. It definitely instilled in me a sense of confidence that I could work on a very high level."

Dr. Paris Butler M.D. '00
Surgical Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

"Getting accepted to Columbia was a victory not just for me, but also for all the people at Roanoke who believed in me."

Lauren Harrison '07
Graduate Student, Columbia School of Journalism, New York, N.Y.

"When I came to Roanoke College I looked confident, but I was terrified inside. I graduated loaded with confidence that I could overcome any obstacle to excel at whatever I tried to do."

Steve Mason '91
Director and Cinematographer, Red Velocity, Inc., Roanoke, Va.

"Roanoke College helped me fall in love with learning. The professors became personal friends and coaches who challenged me to work hard and think for myself. My education led to an internship that kicked off a successful career in journalism, a full-fellowship at an ivy league graduate school, and the confidence to take chances in my life."  [article]

Tamara Duricka-Johnson '98
Author, 31 Dates in 31 Days

"Roanoke built my confidence and taught me how to see the big picture. Every day I tap into my creative part. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

John Griessmayer '95
Senior VP and Chief Creative Officer for ND&P, Ad Agency, Roanoke, Va.

"Analytical thinking is critical in law school. My education at Roanoke was essential in starting me down the road of thinking like a lawyer."

David Lopez '03
Lawyer, St. Petersburg, Fla.

"The great professors and smaller class sizes at Roanoke allowed me to grow as a student and person. Roanoke College is one of the premier colleges in the South."

Joseph Weeren '04
Second Lieutenant in the Virginia National Guard, Former Army Ranger/Sniper, Iraq War Veteran, Awardee of the Purple Heart and Army Commendation Medal with Valor

"My four years at Roanoke were incredibly instructive in how to make the most of my experiences. The Outdoor Adventures program took me on numerous adventures and the English Department taught me how to process and define the meaning of those experiences."

Scott Segerstrom '02
Wildland Firefighter for Bridger-Teton National Forest, Steamboat Springs, Colo.

"The support of the faculty and overall environment directly led to my completing a master's degree and successful employment at a small, dynamic U.S. government agency that encourages developing countries to achieve development goals working with U.S. commercial partners."

Diana Rossiter '02
Country Manager, South and Southeast Asia, U.S. Trade and Development Agency, Alexandria, Va.


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Recent Employers

Recent graduates have obtained employment at the following:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • ESPN
  • Federal Express
  • General Electric
  • ITT
  • Merck Laboratories
  • National Bureau of Standards
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S Bureau of Census

Graduate Schools

Recent graduates have gone on to the following graduate schools:

  • Yale University
  • John Hopkins University
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Tech
  • Wake Forest University
  • Clemson University
  • College of William & Mary
  • Duke University
  • University of Pennsylvania