Find your path

Undecided about your major? Not a problem. Roanoke is a great place to find your path. 

As a college that offers a wide range of academic and life experiences, Roanoke is in the business of helping you discover what you're passionate about. We realize the majority of students nationwide change their majors at least once-and many do so as many as three of four times. Exploring options is part of the process.

Classes across disciplines

One of the great things about Roanoke is that there's no rush to declare. Our core classes are designed to build fundamental skills while you study topics that appeal to you. For example, instead of taking Intro to Statistics, you can take Statistics & the Sports Industry or Does Gun Control Save Lives? By letting your interests guide you, you have a chance to experience first hand where various majors might lead.

Guidance from professors

Your professors at Roanoke are open to questions and can help advise you on the various courses of study you might wish to try out. With over a hundred majors, minors and pre-professional programs at Roanoke, you'll have plenty to choose from.

Roanoke's broad-based emphasis on real-world learning, creative thinking, clear communication and quantitative reasoning prepares you to meet the challenges of life after college, whatever path you take. 


"My internship with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources helped me try on the profession of a public historian. Without the opportunity, I would not have been able to to truly feel comfortable in making this my career choice."

- Zachary Hottel '12